Todd Chrisley Ate his heart Out Over this Smithsonian Reality Star!

Todd Chrisley is well-known for his work with the AIDS Foundation. Chrisley Knows Best Growing up Chrisley He might as well enjoy his meal as another reality TV star beat him to the Smithsonian. Well, he’s a comedian and he only joked about the famous museum. He might need to do something very drastic to be featured there. Critics may think he is the most Botoxed living person, particularly those who have been critical of his senses of humor.

Todd Chrisley’s Smithsonian Joke Upsets Some People

The patriarch of USA Network’s show, Chrisley Knows Beste has a large fan base who enjoy his humor. It’s not the sort of humor that appeals to everyone. While some might argue that he’s not as funny as Sam Kinison or George Carlin, others may disagree. However, one thing about making people laugh is if it doesn’t hit their funny bone it simply falls flat. Sometimes, any comedian faces criticism for insensitive things they might say in jest, and Todd’s no different.

Todd Chrisley made a joke about the Smithsonian in August. Just before the premiere of Chrisley Knows BestA clip from the USA Network was posted on Instagram on August 12. He was joking about how one his friends had died. “organs ought to go to the Smithsonian.”It was funny, and many people laughed at it. Some thought it was insensitive. One fan complained that he seemed disrespectful to those who had died when they needed life-saving kidney donors.

Todd Chrisley Ate his heart Out Over this Smithsonian Reality Star!

Todd Chrisley Wants to Be in The Smithsonian

Some outlets saw his joke and believed he wanted to exhibit at the Smithsonian. If he does, then he may want to choose Reality TV stars over him. In October last year, the Smithsonian Institute declared 2020 to be the “Year of the Woman,” to commemorate the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. In fact, it’s quite possible that his joke was aimed at one reality TV star they selected. But that would be speculation.

Todd Chrisley might not have read Jazz Jennings. I Am JazzFeatures in the exhibit. If you don’t know, Jazz, classified as a male at birth was diagnosed with gender dysphoria. In time, she and her audience accept that in fact, she’s a woman. TLC showed her having bottom surgery. She has worn pretty dresses since childhood. The reality TV star has become a nationally recognized activist for LGBTQ rights.

Eat Your Heart Out Todd, As Jazz Poses Beside Her Exhibit

Jazz posted a photo on Sunday, September 12 of her standing next to the exhibit. She captioned the photo with, “Great news!!! I feel honored to have my mermaid tail featured at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. It’s part of the Girlhood…It’s [a] Complicated Exhibit, which celebrates women’s contributions to society! I’m so proud to be a woman. 💕”

The ListReminds I Am JazzFans will recall that she was so passionate about mermaids that she began researching them as a child. “In fact, that she has her own line of custom-designed mermaid tails.”TLC Fans saw her also in one of those on the show. Jazz Jennings is not an easy act to follow. We don’t know about you, but we don’t see Todd Chrisley going for bottom surgery and swimming around in a mermaid’s tail to star in the famous history museum.

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