Todd Chrisley, amidst legal struggles, opens up about how he became a’slave’ to money

Todd Chrisley, amidst legal struggles, opens up about how he became a'slave' to money

Without a doubt, money was the primary topic of discussion at Todd and Julie Chrisley’s trial back in late May/early June. They are a reality TV couple best known for their show. Chrisley Knows Best on USA Network, were indicted on 12 counts of fraud and other charges – due to $30 million in suspected fraudulent loans taken out from banks and tax evasion committed by the two. The jury ultimately found the Chrisleys guilty of all charges in court. While they have maintained their innocence, Todd has been more open about how he came to be a fugitive. “slave”To money.

They are currently being held under house arrest while waiting for sentencing. They will still be able to host weekly episodes of their podcast in the interim. Chrisley Confessions. Todd Chrisley’s latest confession, which was released July 29, focused on the topic of chasing America’s Dream. He said that before the legal troubles of late, he had been chasing the same dream, trying to keep up with other Joneses or Kardashians. He stated:

I got lost when I couldn’t tell the difference between my self-worth and my net worth. Because everything was built around my net worth, the more I became focused on my self-worth, the less I did. Around stuff. And when the stuff starts owning you versus you owning it, and when I talk about that, you have all these cars you have to maintain and all these houses that you have to maintain, these trips that you have to do in order to keep up with everyone that’s around you that’s in your social network. You end up being a slave of the things you thought would bring peace.

The TV personality said that he has been trapped in the ratrace for wealth and material possessions his whole life. He thinks it’s because he was “too ignorant”To stop and reflect on what he was doing. Todd Chrisley, in other words: He never understood “how to differentiate net worth and self-worth,”The latter is the case “low”According to his estimation. Likewise, Chrisley indicated that he would tune out this truth about himself because it didn’t serve the narrative of his own “selfishness”At the time.

Now, the Chrisley patriarch didn’t connect these comments to what he was accused of doing with his finances in court. So, technically, he wasn’t admitting to any guilt. During the trial, however, he was subject to as many allegations as possible. In fact, his former business partner Mark Braddock alleged that Chrisley needed six figures every month in order to keep up with their family’s lavish lifestyle. Braddock pleaded guilty to bank fraud for them via loan applications.

These are the latest developments. “confessions”By the Chrisleys as they appeal their guilty sentences? It isn’t immediately apparent. The fact is, it’s not immediately obvious. Chrisley Knows BestLead previously stated that, despite all, his marriage with Julie is more wonderful than ever. (He also suggested that they might be able to have a child together. “discernment had been lacking”They also kept the company. For her part, Julie seconded those thoughts in the recent podcast episode and how they’re much more aligned now going forward:

I think for both of us, this situation, our season of life right now, has shown us that it’s not just about [what] our plan is, but it’s what’s God’s plan is. And for a long time, I think it was always our plan, not God’s plan.

We’ll see what the judge’s plan is on October 6 when it comes to sentencing the couple. Some estimates suggest that the Chrisleys could spend up to 30 years prison for their crimes. The upcoming season 10 of Chrisley Knows BestAccording to reports, the uncertain situation has put their lives in peril. The uncertain situation has caused Season 9 to be canceled. However, new episodes of Season 9 will still air on Thursday nights on USA Network. This is part of the 2022 TV Schedule.

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