Today’s Dylan Dreyer ‘smacks’ co-host Craig Melvin after spotting his ‘rude’ on-air behavior toward Sheinelle Jones

DYLAN DREYER has been criticized for attacking Today Show co-host Craig Melvin on live television.

The violence is the latest example of a trend between Today staff.

Craig Melvin gave co-host Sheinelle Jones bunny ears during a segment


Craig Melvin gave Sheinelle a pair of bunny ears while co-hosting a segmentCredit: NBC
An upset Dylan Dreyer smacked him in retalliation


Dylan Dreyer was slapped by an angry Dylan Dreyer as a retaliationCredit: NBC

Vicky Nguyen shared an article on manual transmissions earlier this week.

Vicky was seated in a car-like set up, with the hosts of the third hour, for a lighthearted introduction and outro.

Sheinelle Jones occupied the front seat while Craig and Dylan sat in the back.

Sheinelle then flipped to the commercials and teased what would be coming next.

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Craig, however, was the true teasing one. He put up a pair of “bunny-ears” as Sheinelle spoke.

Dylan, who was disapproving of his actions, smacked Dylan on the back.


This is just one of many attacks on air.

Last week, Al Roker racked up some shade from fans of the morning show after he mocked Craig for the way he ate his popsicle.

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The official Today Instagram page shared a carousel post that spotlighted Al, 68, teasing Craig for his eating habits.

Craig’s tongue was seen moving side-to-side as he ate the popsicle in the clip from the recent talk show.

He didn’t move his lips, but instead he placed the popsicle near his corners of mouth.

Al’s screenshotted comments was displayed on the silent social media slide.

Use the #melvinmethod to eat ice pops. Al suggested that you lick the ice pop to make it softer, then bite into it.

Notice how he mixes up the lip balm with ice pop. Craig says, “At the end of this, who’s that ?…”?

Al was not well received by some fans, who demanded that Craig should be replaced.

There is nothing wrong with the technique of this man!! The lip balm technique is something I do all the time! Craig, go!!,” one fan defended.

Another fan demanded: “Al needs to stop making disparaging comments, rude remarks & bullying behavior toward Craig on a continual basis.”


Craig was the victim of a prank by Al in the past.

In the beginning of this month he yelled, “Stop it” at the weatherman as his co-host was coming toward him with scissors.

Al decided to take matters into his hands during a segment about second-hand buying hacks.

“Hold on just a second, wait, hold on,” Al abruptly said as he walked to a table behind the hosts.

“What, what?” Sheinelle asked nervously.

“Let me see how it works,” Al said as he picked up the scissors and moved toward Craig.

Craig shouted loudly “STOP IT!” As he turned away from Al, Craig shouted “STOP IT!”

Cut it out! “Cut it out!”

Al giggled and moved on after his prank.

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He said, “I started to get a bit nervous.”

Craig jokingly stabbed Al with a pair scissors at the end of this segment.

The Today show hosts can often get playfully physical with each other


Today Show hosts are known to get physical on occasion.Credit: Getty
Al Roker teased Craig's popsicle sucking technique


Al Roker teased Craig for his popsicle eating technique/todayshow
Al seemed to charge at Craig with scissors


Al slashed at Craig as he charged.Credit: NBC

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