‘Today Show’ Meteorologist Hospitalized Ahead Of Childbirth

In the midst of her third pregnancy, Today show co-host and meteorologist Dylan Dreyer has been admitted to the hospital. On Tuesday, Dreyer announced via an Instagram post that she’s in the hospital and won’t be on air anytime soon. So should fans be concerned for the Today meteorologist and her unborn baby?

Dylan Dreyer Announces Third Baby

Dreyerfirst announced her pregnancyon a May episode of the Today show. “It’s fun to add another boy to the mix!” The co-host stated during her announcement. Dreyer was thrilled to learn that she was pregnant with her third baby. Her husband Brian Fichera had also experienced pregnancy problems in the past. In 2019, the Today meteorologist revealed she experienced a miscarriage. “We were trying, and it wasn’t really happening, and we just kind of gave up,” Dreyer admitted.

Anxious to have another child, Dreyer consulted her doctor to see if anything was wrong. Dreyer’s doctor did not find anything wrong and suggested Dreyer relax and not think about her pregnancy too much. “Sure enough, that’s what we did!” Dreyer told her, and she soon found out that she was pregnant.

Dylan Dreyer in The Hospital:

In her Instagram post, Dreyer can been seen sitting in a hospital room with Fichera. Of course, this immediately sparked concern amongst Today show fans across the country. Dreyer explained, “My water broke Sunday evening, and I’ve been hanging at the hospital.” According to Dreyer’s caption, her water broke rather prematurely, forcing her to seek the help of medical professionals.

“Looks like we’ll be getting to meet our littlest boy sometime this week…6 weeks early!” Dreyer exclaimed. Dreyer exclaimed. Despite the possible health consequences of a premature birth on both the child and the mother Dreyer seemed to be positive thanks to her husband. When she mentioned Fichera in her caption, Dreyer said she had “the best person to keep me calm and comfortable.” “Guess he couldn’t handle being left out of all the fun his brothers have been having!” Dreyer added of her unborn third child.

Dreyer assured her followers and fans that they don’t have to worry about anything in her informative post. “All is well! I’m in great hands,” she wrote, hoping to put her fans’ concerns to rest. Additionally, the meteorologist revealed the next steps in her pregnancy writing, “Doctors are closely monitoring both of us and trying to keep him on the inside for a little while longer to get stronger.” Despite how serious and concerning the Instagram post initially seemed, it looks as if we have little to worry about with Dreyer’s pregnancy.

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