Today, fans beg Savannah Guthrie’s and Hoda Kokotb to “move on” as their ‘feuds’ continue.

TODAY fans have started begging hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb to begin “moving on” from any of their past issues.

According to reports, the pair has been locked in a dispute behind closed doors of their morning show for some time.

Today, fans beg Savannah Guthrie's and Hoda Kokotb to "move on" as their 'feuds' continue.


Credit: NBC
Today, fans beg Savannah Guthrie's and Hoda Kokotb to "move on" as their 'feuds' continue.


Credit: NBC

Savannah and Hoda have often been taking turns being absent from NBC’s Today over the past few weeks, which has only added to fan speculation and reports that the two have been feuding.

Both hosts were available Monday morning for the morning show. Viewers begged to forgive their past mistakes and start over.

It being the first working day and the first month of the new year, they were informed on social media. “it’s a new day & beginning.”

Savannah and Hoda now have one fan “Life is all about MOVING ON, accepting changes and looking forward to what makes you stronger and more COMPLETE.”

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In the midst of the rumored feud the user begged them not to do so. “have a great day”Together and with each other.

Although Savannah and Hoda seem friendly to each other on television, Central Recorder was recently informed by a source close the production that the co-hosts were secretly dating. “can’t stand each other.” 

An insider said that Savannah “thinks of herself as a real news person,”Hoda is regarded as “the lightweight that drank wine with Kathy Lee Gifford.” 

Amid the alleged feud, fans have even been threatening to boycott the morning show unless Savannah is either let go or changes her behavior, as many have accused her of being the main issue.

The majority of people read Entertainment.

Viewers have been hoping that an emotional moment shared between Savannah and Hoda during Friday’s show would mark a major turning point in their friendship.

It was a touching moment as Today hosts wished Pete Williams, longtime NBC News correspondent, farewell.

“We raise a glass to you, Pete,” Savannah told him after a tribute video ended and the show returned to a live look at the hosts.

The sweet tribute made the retiring correspondent look emotional.

Savannah then asked him the following: “How are you feeling on this day, Pete?”

Before he could answer, the Today host told him as she got all choked up: “I know we’re just a basket case. We’re a muddle of tears. Because there’s no life without you.”

During the whole segment, Savannah and Hoda sat next to one another on the couch on set, holding up their glasses of champagne, and getting emotional over their colleague departing.

“You have our hearts, and you have our respect,”During the segment, Savannah was added to Pete.

Hoda also added after the send-off: “Love you, Pete!”

They shocked fans by their willingness to let go of their feud and share this intimate moment live on-air.

One viewer tweeted: “Hoda & Savannah are a tad more civil today!”

Another one: “Good to see you two are getting along.”

Others wondered what’s been “happening”They wanted to know more about their hot-and-cold relationship.

Earlier in the week, viewers had been blasting Savannah and Hoda for acting like “squabbling children.”

One annoyed fan asked amid the hosts’ rumored feud: “What’s up with the eat s*** looks on @hodakotb face and side eyes at @SavannahGuthrie?”

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Another blasted both women, writing: “Not really sure what the issue is with Hoda & Savannah but you ladies are adults, not squabbling children. 

“Get back to the normal Today family vibe or I’m switching to GMA-you ladies are better than what is coming through on TV!”

Today, fans beg Savannah Guthrie's and Hoda Kokotb to "move on" as their 'feuds' continue.


Credit: NBC
Today, fans beg Savannah Guthrie's and Hoda Kokotb to "move on" as their 'feuds' continue.


Credit: NBC

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