To make dishes sparkle, cleaning aficionados are throwing dishcloths into their DISHWASHERS

MUM shared her unique method of keeping dishcloths clean. It’s truly a game-changer. 

Posting to a popular Facebook page Cleaning & Organising Inspiration AustraliaSue, mum of Sue, shared with us how she found a way to keep her dishcloths clean and shiny. It was also more hygiene.

Sue showed how she positions her dishcloths in her dishwasher


Sue demonstrated how she places her dishcloths inside her dishwasherCredit: Facebook/Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia

In the post, Sue explained that while she sometimes puts her dishcloths in the washing machine, she’s found that her dishwasher does a much better job. 

Sue posted to the group and said:

“Does anyone else pop their dirty dish cloth into the dishwasher for a freshen up?” 

“Sometimes I wash it in the washing machine, but the DISHWASHER does a much better job!

“My mum says it disinfects too!”

Sue posted a picture of her dishwasher with some of her cleaning towels on the top rack. 

Users of Facebook flocked to leave comments on the post, agreeing it was a great way for them to clean their dirty cleaning cloths. 

One of them said: “I’ve started doing this and it’s so much better than what the machine or soaking does.” 

Comment: “Yes, all my kitchen clean cloth scrubs brushes get a good cleaning in the dishwasher – so much more hygienic.”

Another said: “Every time I run the dishwasher I throw the dishes sponge in there as well!”

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