TLC Sister Wives Star Ysabel Brown On A New Chapter Shares Same Love As Sister Maddie!

Sister Wives star Ysabel Brown is onto the next chapter of her life. She recently left home for a new adventure. Living with her sister, Maddie Brush, has given Ysabel newfound insight into one of Maddie’s great loves. Keep reading to find out more.

Sister Wives daughter heads East, leaves family drama behind

TLC Sister Wives Star Ysabel Brown On A New Chapter Shares Same Love As Sister Maddie!

Viewers of the hit TLC show Sister Wives know the Brown family is in turmoil after a rocky Season 15. Fans did not appreciate that Kody refused to go with his daughter Ysabel for serious surgery on her back.

It’s unclear if her father’s heartless behavior played a part in Ysabel’s decision to move East for college. The 18-year-old left Flagstaff, Arizona, six weeks ago for North Carolina.

She’ll be living with her sister Maddie, who recently purchased her first home in NC. As fans of the show know, Maddie and Ysabel share the same father, Kody Brown. While they all live as a plural family, Maddie’s mother is Janelle Brown, while Ysabel is the product of Kody’s marriage to Christine Brown.

Ysabel Brown finally gets sister Maddie’s love for THIS

Growing up in the southwest, Ysabel Brown likely has never experienced the magnitude of the four seasons. However, that’s clearly changing now that she’s living on the East coast. She took to her Instagram Stories this week to reveal how much she is enjoying the cooler fall weather.

Coffee cup in hand, Ysabel looks out on the “beautiful morning view” of Maddie’s backyard in North Carolina. The backyard recently got a makeover thanks to little Evie K.

Maddie Brown Brush RELISHES life in North Carolina

TLC Sister Wives Star Ysabel Brown On A New Chapter Shares Same Love As Sister Maddie!

Ysabel isn’t the only one with an appreciation for the beauty of NC. Maddie posted a short clip from her car of the green trees whizzing by. She took the time to express joy at the scenery. “Always amazed by how green it is here,” the Arizona transplant wrote on the Instagram Stories slide.

Apparently, Maddie’s love of nature is rubbing off on her little sister.

Sister Wives returns to TLC in November, but it’s unclear if cameras were rolling for Ysabel’s big move. While Kody wasn’t there for his daughter for her surgery, he did make an appearance at her high school graduation.

Fans of the plural family will have to tune in to the new season to see if things improve within the Brown family. Season 16 of Sister Wives premieres on Sunday, November 21, 2021.

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