TLC Release Date For Save My Skin Season 3 & Everything We Know

Fans will likely remember that the reality show Save My Skin first premiered on TLC in April 2020. The series features Dr. Emma Claythorne, a British dermatologist, and her London team. They work together with patients with unusual skin conditions, helping them to regain confidence.

The reality TV show TLC also educates viewers about the different skin conditions. There have been two seasons of Save My Skin and we are hoping for more. Is Season 3 on the horizon for Save My Skin? Find out more about what we know so far.

TLC is renowned for its medical-related series, including the often gruesome Dr. Pimple Popper. It seems fans like nothing better than to view other people’s problems, but also to see them being fixed.

As noted by TV Guide, Save My Skin first premiered on TLC in April 2020 and became an unexpected hit. The show follows Dr. Emma Claythorne as she and her staff work at her London clinic.

Prior to netting Save My Skin, the good doctor hosted a similar reality TV show in the UK called Bad Skin Clinic. Emma shared that viewers enjoy watching shows with interesting and unique cases. Even so, it is when the series includes gross extraction scenes.

Is the series renewed for Season 3?

Season 2 of Save My Skin ended three months ago, so fans shouldn’t get too excited yet about the third season yet. In fact, Season 3 hasn’t yet been announced by TLC. TLC has yet to announce Season 3.

TLC Release Date For Save My Skin Season 3 & Everything We Know

However, fans love reality shows and there are many skin conditions to explore. According to previous releases, TLC is most likely to renew the reality series in spring or early summer 2022.

Besides the show’s popularity, it is clear that Dr. Claythorne is passionate about her work and the show and knows what it means to fans. She regularly posts to Instagram, keeping in touch with her followers.

Emma wrote about her excitement at Season 2’s debut on TLC. She wrote on her Instagram post that the Season 2 launch of Save My Skin was happening that night and that it was 12 episodes long. Emma also explained that each episode has four of the “most wonderful patient stories.”

She wrote that she is “so grateful” to the patients who were happy to share their stories. Emma explained that this helps to educate the medical community about skin diseases and allows for more discussion.

Dr. Claythorne stressed that the show importantly “highlights the important link of the skin and the mind.” She closed her caption, assuring fans that the stories will touch their soul.

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