Tips to Incorporate Vitamins into Your Daily Life

Tips to Incorporate Vitamins into Your Daily Life

You’ll be less likely to forget about your vitamins if you keep your vitamin routine simple. This is easiest if you choose a multivitamin so that you only need to take one tablet per day. You should consult your doctor if you think you may have a vitamin B12 or vitamin B12 deficiency. WebMDTo confirm your suspicions, it is a good idea to talk to your doctor. Until then, just stick to a single multivitamin — this will ensure you don’t accidentally end up taking too many supplements, which could cause side effects, including kidney and liver toxicity.  

Next, ensure that vitamins are a regular part of your daily routine. While some people prefer to have vitamins with breakfast in the morning, there is no rule. Is it more likely that you will remember them when you are asleep? Make that your “vitamin time.”Whatever your preference, HealthlineAvoid taking vitamins with food as it can cause stomach upset (or gastrointestinal distress) for some people. It’s also beneficial to take vitamins with food, which aids in absorption.

Do you have trouble remembering what to do? You can set an alarm on your smartphone. This might only be necessary for a few days or weeks until it becomes a habit. Bonus points if the fruit is accompanied with a delicious salad or piece of fruit.

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