Tipping Point sparks fury as host Ben Shephard unveils ‘disappointing’ mystery prize

Tipping Point fans were left feeling rather unimpressed on Friday afternoon, after a contestant won a mystery prize which some could only describe as “s**t”.

Alison, a contestant on the show, came to the show hoping to make it to the final round. However, Steve beat her at the last hurdle.

Alison did not leave the show empty-handed as she won an automated massage bed as her mystery reward.

But viewers were not happy with the prize and took to Twitter to vent their dismay.

One fan penned: “That prize would have been s**t 30 years ago on Bullseye.”

Another said: “Everyone has room in their house for a camp bed that does a shite massage.”

Alison won a message bed
Alison won a message bed

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