Tina Turner’s final public photo captured the singing icon in her most award-winning form

Tina Turner was living in the shadows at the moment of her death, but she still left behind fond memories for her fans through her final Instagram photo.

Her publicist confirmed that Tina Turner, the renowned icon who was born in 1932 and became a household name over time, passed away at age 83 this past week. Turner was known as “the queen of Rock and Roll” for decades. In the days following her death, many celebrities have posted tributes to the music icon.

Turner, who had been ill for many years, rarely appeared in the public eye during her last few years. The last photo she posted online with her fans was a stereotypical picture that featured the Private Dancer song singer performing what she loved.

Tina Turner shocked fans with last Instagram picture update

Turner’s long career has seen her do everything possible to ensure that she would be remembered for all the right reasons. From the rumors about leg insurance worth millions of dollars, to breaking the barrier of 100 million records sold.

Turner captured her iconic look in an Instagram photo in October 2021. This was the last new image of Turner that she shared with the public.

“I am grateful to so many beloved people who believed in me and stood by me on my journey here”, wrote Turner in what was a celebratory post, uploaded in response to her inclusion in the 2021 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Turner first joined the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with her husband Ike in 1991. Later, she was admitted as a solo artist.

Turner’s last public appearance

Turner was rarely seen in public, even though she uploaded the odd photo to Instagram during her last years.

As per ReportsThe last official public appearance Turner made was in November 2019 when she went to the Broadway premiere of the musical based on her life.

Turner was believed to need assistance when she appeared. Her appearance occurred a few years after her husband Erwin Bach had performed a kidney transplant that saved her life.

Insta gives fans rare glimpses at Turner’s final years

Turner has been largely retired in the public eye for the past few years. Fans have taken advantage of her rare social media posts to see what she looks like.

Turner was shown a lot of love in March 2021, when she posed in front of her TV while urging fans to check out HBO’s new documentary movie – TINA.

In another snap from summer 2021, Turner could be seen looking happy in what appeared to be her backyard, as she urged her followers to “Pursue every day with open arms”.

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