TikTok’s Chess Community is gaining millions of views

TikTok's Chess Community is gaining millions of views

  • In 2020, Chess enjoyed a surge of popularity following the release Netflix’s. “The Queen’s Gambit.”
  • TikTok became the platform where people can share videos about chess and get millions of views.
  • ChessTok creators claim it is a positive community built on a shared love for the game.

James Weber, a chess enthusiast, saw a gap in TikTok’s chess content and decided to take the opportunity to post comedic videos.

Insider was told by him that his first videos did not gain much attention and he has since deleted them. He posted his first video in June 2021, six years after he began posting. a TikTok skitHe refers to chess masters in the following: Eric RosenIt went viral, and, in his own words: “the rest is history.” 

Weber now has over 170,000 followers on the app and is the creator behind the most popular video under the #ChessTok hashtag — a skit where he He is pictured playing chess alongside his girlfriendThis page has been viewed 9,000,000 times.

ChessTok has been one of the most popular communities on TikTok. This app is seeing millions of people use it as both professional and amateur players flock to it.

It currently has 198,000,000 views and creators get millions of likes. Videos range from Top players go head to headAnd Detailled analyses of all movesTo. Comedy skitsAbout the chess game.

ChessTok follows a wider cultural boom around game

Since the 6th century, chess has been played by people for thousands of generations. According to Live Science.

However, the popularity of the game saw a rise in last fall following the release


‘s “The Queen’s Gambit,” which follows the fictional story of orphaned chess prodigy Beth Harmo (Anya Taylor‑Joy), in October 2020. Netflix announced that the series was cancelled in October 2020. Its most-watched series of limited series.

Insider previously reported that the show attracted the attention of one the most prominent chess players around the globe and sparked a tremendous spike in interest in the sport.

Insider was told by Weber that he had noticed an interest in chess “boom”Around the time “The Queen’s Gambit”TikTok was launched, and the community found a new home. Although ChessTok’s videos are often funny, others offer helpful tips and tricks for players.

Nick Moore has racked up 25,000 followers on TikTok posting primarily educational chess content. Moore said to Insider “It doesn’t matter if it’s instruction, educational, or entertaining. ChessTok unites a community with a common interest.”

TikTok allows chess players to meet in a new way with TikTok

Weber said that TikTok allowed the chess world to connect and to see their own content through the platform.

“Chess content is such a small segment on TikTok that whenever a chess player views my post or another ChessTok creator, they really connect with the creator,”He told Insider. 

Videos tagged #chesstok have comment sections that show how engaged the community is. These sections often feature hundreds of users asking questions and sharing their opinions, encouraging creators to make more content. 

This is Moore’s favorite part of ChessTok. “Most people are engaging and I like being a resource to try and promote chess,”He shared his thoughts with Insider via Instagram.

Daniel, a ChessTok Community member and also runs the Instagram @thechessblogInsider spoke with a ChessTok member who boasts close to 10,000 followers.

“A bunch of strangers can have nothing in common apart for the game of chess and that’ll be enough,”He said. 

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