TikToker XoBrooklyne explains why Baited Trolls Launch My Crown’

TikToker XoBrooklyne explains why Baited Trolls Launch My Crown'

  • Brooklynne Webb has more than 10 million followers on TikToker.
  • Last year, she released a music clip she said was meant to attract her haters. It has been viewed millions.
  • Webb shared with Insider her reasons for encouraging negativity in order to drive her song’s popularity.

TikTok’s 17-year-old TikTok Star went viral for his December release of a video. “cringe”Later, she said that the song was meant as satire. This is how she found success trolling her haters.

Brooklynne Webb is known as xoBrooklynne TikTokShe is a celebrity with more than 10 million followers. Her public condemnationThe large number of hate comments she received about her appearance. Since then, she has received numerous personal attacks via her comment section.

Her first single was released on December 8. “My Crown,”A pop song about dealing avec “haters,”It was widely believed that the song was authentic. Critics ridiculed it “cringe-worthy lyrics and heavy autotune,” comparing it to the 2011 viral song “Friday”Rebecca Black


On December 18, Webb Upload a YouTube video called “HOW TROLLING GAVE ME A MUSIC CAREER!,”This song has been seen over 400,000 times, with more than 25,000 likes. She said that the song was intended to be satire, and that she released it in the hope of baiting trolls. 

Webb shared with Insider the reasons why the song’s music videos have been viewed nearly 2.9 million times.

Webb explained that it was important to identify what would make her trolls reply.

Webb said that she used her previous experience in trolling to pick the elements of her uploads which had been criticized. “I knew how to get people outraged before going into it,”She spoke. “It’s just a matter of is this actually gonna work. And then it worked perfectly.” 

Webb would often post videos that she was in. “really excited”She explained that trolls would have an effect on her hair and make up. “pick out this one little thing and be like, ‘that looks awful. That looks terrible.'”These comments would inundate her comment sections.

“I really got used to realizing when people do this. Then I was able to use it more to my advantage.”

Webb wanted to make the trolls see her content. “outraged”Over those “little things that people think that they’re pointing out to make fun of you”For example, you could use “crazy exaggerated facial expressions and movements,”Claiming to be “collabing with a really big artist”. 


Webb, for example, created a dance routine that accompanied the song. She enthusiastically performed it in TikTok uploads. Only one videoA top comment with over 20,000 likes “the dance doesn’t even go with the song.”

She saw the criticism and she was shocked. “it felt like ‘mission accomplished,'”Webb spoke to Insider.

Webb might be the one to cause controversy, even though online criticism may seem ‘inevitable’ 

Webb describes Webb as part of her online persona. “cringey”Her lack of self-awareness is due to her online struggle for fear of getting retorted. “I find it personally really hard to kind of put out ‘this is me,’ genuine content. I really tried to do it, but a lot of the time I get so nervous about how people are gonna take it and react.” 

Webb believes that creators will be canceled by trolls, regardless of their actions.

“Cancel culture sucks because it’s almost always misused over little things,”Webb explained, referring to TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio. In November 2020, Webb saw a lot of backlash because he refused to eat snails prepared by a private chef. 

Webb stated that she does not have a partner. “anything to hide” that she thinks would get her canceled, but said she can see it happening regardless because “it’s kind of inevitable with social media.”

“I hope it doesn’t,”She spoke.

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