TikTok Star Explains How She Could Fit Anything Into A £675 Mini Purse

Mini handbags are back in fashion with Rihanna, Gigi Hadid and the Kardashians sporting vintage 00s looks. But one woman seems to have underestimated how small micro handbags can be.

Khloe Kavina @khloekalvina, after seeing the pink Balenciaga bag online, she ordered one and was stunned to see its true size when it arrived at her home. After claiming to splurge £675 on the designer purchase, Khloe was definitely expecting something more substantial and considerably bigger as she explains in her TikTok.

“So when they say mini they really mean mini,” she joked about the caption. She explained to the Spanish designer what she intended to use the bag she received from her. “Not me paying £675 for a Balengcia ‘mini’ bag and thinking it would just be a bag for my money and phone to go in.”

TikTok Star Explains How She Could Fit Anything Into A £675 Mini Purse

But when she takes a look at her new purchase, she quickly realises that the bag wouldn’t be able to carry the things she needed. She holds the Balenciaga bag close to her head so that the size comparison can be made.

She does the same thing again, this time using her hand for a size reference to show viewers how small her handbag is. Since posting her designer debacle, Khloe’s video has received over 585,000 views, and nearly 40,000 likes, along with dozens of comments sharing their thoughts on the TikTokers misjudgment.

Some sympathized and criticized Khloe’s inability to realize the full size of the bag. One person wrote: “Noo, the mini looks so much bigger online,” Khloe was open to answering, saying how she was feeling “heartbroken.”

Someone else added: “I really learnt this the hard way, you cannot shop luxury online. We really have to go to stores.” While others couldn’t quite believe how much Khloe spent on such a small handbag. One person wrote: “I just can’t get over that’s £675, that’s the same as my rent.”

It’s fair to say Khloe has experienced first-hand the pitfalls of online shopping and might want to buy her next designer handbag in person next time.

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