Three girls could have killed their violent dad

Krestina Angelina, Maria, and Mikhail Khachaturyan, his daughters, were able to kill him after he had abused them sexually and physically. According to a medical report,

Angelina Khachaturyan, one of the three sisters who killed Mikhail is Angelina Khachatury

The father of three teenage girls who were killed by him has been officially branded as a paedophile, who sexually abused the girls relentlessly.

Three girls could have killed their violent dad


Mikhail Khachaturyan was 57 years old when he was stabbed with his hunting knife. His three siblings were then accused of his murder.

Krestina Angelina, Maria Khachaturyan, then 19 and 18, and now 17 respectively, admitted to the murder of the victim for three years. “tyrant” Despite outlining rapes, he feared that he would be sent to prison for long sentences. “systematic torture” His hands.

Now, the sisters can use this report to argue that all charges should be dropped against Moscow’s high-profile case.

Their father was a child-sex attacker, according to post-mortem findings “a tendency to aggression” who had “sexual preferences aimed at his own daughters”.

Mikhail (pictured right to left with Krestina Maria, Angelina and Angelina), abused his children, according to a medical record.

According to Russian findings, the Serbsky Institute of Psychological, Psychiatric and Medical Examinations, he made numerous death threats to the girls if they didn’t submit to his demands. The sisters believed he would even kill them.

Mari Davtyan (an Angelina lawyer) said: “The examinations confirmed the father’s violence against his daughters.

“The experts found that each of the girls since 2014 suffered from abuse syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorder – all of these conditions have a direct causal relationship to Khachaturian’s actions.”

The report revealed that the father was abusive and used threats, violence, humiliation, and other methods to manipulate his daughters. “beatings, mocking them, and physical and sexual abuse”.

They claimed that their father killed them in self-defence.

They had no family members who could stop them from experiencing the nightmares they experienced.

They will argue that they acted in self-defence.

The elder sisters are being charged with murder. Maria is now in a psychiatric facility rather than jail because she was temporarily insane at the time her father was shot and killed.

The lawyers for all three hope that they will be cleared.

Maria Khachaturyan, who was temporarily insane at the time her father was murdered, was declared mentally ill.

They found him in an unconscious state when they killed him. “unstable” Psychic state and feelings “hopeless” Fearing for their safety.

Other family members have accused the sisters of lying about their father’s sexual abuse and seeking his money by killing him.

Olga Khalikova (a lawyer for relatives of the deceased) complained that the new conclusions suggested that he was a paedophile. “were based solely on the testimony of the accused.”

It was impossible to determine this. “on the words of the accused alone.”

Nearly one million people called for the release of the sisters

This case was seen in Russia as a test for domestic sexual abuse laws. Nearly one million petitions were signed calling for the release of the sisters.

They were found to be in serious financial trouble by the earlier investigation “physical and mental suffering…over a long period of time”.

The evidence showed that the father threatened to kill one of his children. “terrified” Daughters: “You will take the place of your mother.

“I will marry you and you will give birth to my baby.”

Mikhail Khachaturyan told one of his daughters that he would marry her and have an abortion.

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An experts’ report said: “He ordered them to get undressed in front of him, saying that he wanted to ‘check them.

“Then ordered them to sexually pleasure him, saying that he had problems with his prostate and it would be a cure.”

He “abused and humiliated” Them “with various weapons”.

Reports indicate that Angelina was bleeding profusely from the face of her father, who was linked to both senior Russian officials as well as underworld kingpins.

But the sisters’ aunt Naira Khachaturyan claimed the earlier official investigation found no evidence of sexual violence against the teenagers.

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