Thor Ragnarok – 5 reasons to prefer it over Marvel’s Thor

Thor Ragnarok - 5 reasons to prefer it over Marvel's Thor

Netflix’s Ragnarok series has been met with plenty of praise since it first hit our screens in 2020, so much so that some viewers believe it tells a better Thor origin story than the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Ragnarok seasons 1-2* — Starring a primarily Norwegian cast, Ragnarok tells the story of Magne, a teenage outcast who slowly starts to realize that he possesses the powers of Thor, the Norse god on thunder. The Netflix series takes a substantially different and arguably superior approach to the character than Chris Hemsworth’s version and here are five reasons why.

5. Ground in Reality

Marvel Cinematic Universe was a wonderful way for fifteen years to escape into a superhero world, and the four Thor films were some of the most bizarre.

Ragnarok is set almost entirely in a Norwegian village on Earth. It begins with the same style as a typical high-school drama.

The show’s initially more realistic stakes and human characters make it instantly more relatable and offer a refreshingly enthralling take on a character who has become increasingly cartoonish in the MCU.

Undoubtedly the biggest plus-point for Ragnarok, however, is that it doesn’t feature a pair of giant screaming goats in every single scene.

4. Real-world problems are addressed

Ragnarok, unlike the Thor movies which have usually focused on Asgardian matters like the Asgardian monarchy and Dark Elves invasions, deals with much more localized issues.

Magne, before realizing that the reincarnation is of the thunder god, befriends Isolde an environmental activist who awakens him to the pollution caused by Jutul Industries.

After Isolde dies in mysterious circumstances, Magne vows to continue her work in exposing Jutul’s wrongdoings.

His efforts are only enhanced by the arrival of his powers while Marvel’s Thor begins his story as an arrogant playboy who had had everything handed to him on a plate until his father finally stripped him of his powers to teach him some humility.

3. Use of powers is limited

As Marvel’s Thor is already the god of thunder by the time his story begins, fans quickly get used to seeing the character wielding his powers and with four solo films and four Avengers movies under his belt, he’s somewhat fallen victim to the law of diminishing returns.

Ragnarok, meanwhile, only has Magne using his powers when absolutely necessary – although this is potentially due to wanting to keep the show’s budget down.

It is much more powerful to watch Magne take on the role of Thor than Chris Hemsworth hammering away at enemies.

2. Magne makes his own hammer

Magne’s construction of his Mjolnir hammer is one of the pivotal moments of season 2.

It instantly makes the weapon more relevant in the Netflix show, as we get to see the process of metal-pounding and magically infusing the hammer.

Mjolnir is already in Thor’s possession when he first appears.

1. Filming location

And finally, the biggest win for Ragnarok over the MCU’s Thor is the TV show’s real-world filming location.

This series was filmed at Odda, a town in Norway that is located on the shores of a beautiful fjord.

The series is not only stunningly beautiful, it also has a much more authentic feel when compared to the CGI locations and green screen settings that are used in most of the Thor films.

Ragnarok Season 3 will begin in 2019. Available to stream Netflix will be available starting Thursday, August 24th 2023.

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