Thor: Love and Thunder contains a stupendous Loki revelation that no one missed


Thor: Love and ThunderMade $302 MillionThe global box office was awash with $143million in domestic ticket sales during the movie’s opening weekend. Millions of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) fans already know what happens in Marvel’s new MCU movie and what it means for the franchise’s future. But there’s one mind-blowing Loki reveal hidden in Thor: Love and ThunderIt might not be obvious at first. After all, the God of Mischief isn’t really part of Taika Waititi’s new story.

Before we can tell you, we need to know this. Big Love and ThunderSplinter plotsBelow is the link. If you haven’t seen Love and ThunderYou should also check out our spoiler-free website. Thor 4 review instead.

Moving into Love and ThunderMCU fans are well aware that Tom Hiddleston, the Loki from the primary reality, died many years ago. It was a heroic death. Infinity WarLoki attempted to kill Thanos (Josh Brolin), and save all others.

Many fans speculated that Loki may have faked his own death. The LokiThe TV series explored this scenario with one Loki variant faking their death in another reality. The TVA found the old Loki and removed him from the Sacred Timeline.

In the end, MCU Loki was killed Infinity War. Period. This branch reality also saw the creation of the Loki in the MCU. This Loki is another sympathetic one who won our hearts. She has a completely different character arc from the Loki in the main MCU reality.

Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Jane (Natalie Portman) aboard the goat ship.
Jane (Natalie Portman), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), and Jane (Natalie Portman), aboard the goat ship. Image source: Marvel Studios

Loki is it possible to see him in? Thor: Love and Thunder?

We expect Loki to continue his interaction with MCU characters. This assumes that we will get multiverse stories in which superheroes from different worlds interact.

All of this in mind, it was no surprise to see how Love and ThunderLoki. This is the first. Thor movie where Loki doesn’t play an active role in the action.

In the movie, we see Loki in two different versions. The Matt Damon version is Loki. Damon, however, plays the role of an Asgardian actor playing the God of Mischief in their absurd theater.

The Loki, who died several times in the MCU before he finally died, is the second. Infinity War. Korg (Taika waititi) flashbacks to show Loki, retracing the story of Thor’s origins for children. Then we have the Loki tattoos on Thor’s back, but that’s more of a tribute than a Loki appearance.

Like I said before, Loki’s presence in Thor: Love and Thunder is something you’ll almost miss. It’s also a great place to be. “presence”It might sound too strong because Loki’s variants are absent from the movie, except for the flashback.

But there is a place where one would find the MCU’s Loki, and everything clicks thanks to the post-credits scene featuring Jane (Natalie Portman).

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) in Marvel’s new LokiTV series. Image source: Marvel Studios

What’s the big Loki reveal?

Jane, who is heroically killed in battle to help Thor defeat Gorr (Christian Bale), dies during the movie. She dies from cancer, not the injuries she sustained fighting Gorr.

Jane’s death resembles the death of Odin (Anthony Hopkins) in Ragnarok. Thor was shocked when her body turned to golden ashes. Jane is then seen arriving in Valhalla (IdrisElba) in the post-credits scenes.

We also find out that Heimdall was able to see the events in the universe, and that Jane saved Thor’s life.

The post-credits scene depicts Valhalla as a place where many souls live, even though it’s just Heimdall who shows up. This scene suggests that the heroes who reached Valhalla may return to Marvel movies. Jane, in particular. That’s the only reason to show Valhalla, after all.

This is where the Loki revelations come in. Loki, a member of the MCU, who was killed in combat in Infinity WarAlso, you must be in Valhalla. Thor: Love and ThunderMight not show anyone else in this realm. Loki, however, is a good example of this. It hasTo be there. 

Some will say that Loki’s death did not get the same animation as Jane’s. And that’s true. Odin died in Jane-like fashion, even though he was not actually fighting.

It might not be Marvel’s intention to make us connect these dots. But now that the gates of Valhalla have been opened, we have another chance to get the MCU’s primary Loki back.

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