This’special child’ was the grandparent’s youngest victim who lost her life in front of them.

This'special child' was the grandparent's youngest victim who lost her life in front of them.

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Years after tragedy struck America, the impact of that event is still felt by those impacted. A family speaks out about the precious life they lost that day.

Christine Lee Hanson, who was just two when she died on United Airlines Flight 175 in 1995, had only been alive for two years. She was accompanied by her parents on the flight, her first ever. It quickly became extremely dark.

Twenty years after Christine died, Christine’s grandmother spoke about that day with her husband. The loss of their granddaughter caused them great grief.

Christine was on her first plane trip when, an hour after takeoff, her father called to inform him of a hijacking. They were the victims of a plane hijacking. Their plane was one of 3,000 that died. Hanson is the youngest of all victims.

What did Christine’s grandmother say?

Eunice’s granddaughter, Christine, shared her feelings about losing their grandchild so young.

Eunice called her granddaughter “a special little child” because she was always kind to others and rarely got into trouble. She Gushed:

If she got into mischief she made everyone laugh.

Eunice spoke to her granddaughter one last time the day before she flew. Eunice phoned her granddaughter, who was visiting Disneyland for the very first time. Christine’s dad’s work forced the family to change their flight from September 10.

Eunice was haunted by the fact that her flight had been changed last-minute. She thought about it for over a year following the tragedy. Eunice couldn’t speak about this fact either for an entire year.

Christine was named after her grandfather with whom she shared a very special relationship. Eunice claimed that Christine would hug her husband every time they saw their granddaughter.

What happened to The Little Girl 9/11?

Eunice and Lee had a special bond with their grandchild and they were eager to see her again, a few weeks after the Disneyland vacation at a wedding. Tragically, this meeting was never held.

Peter, Christine’s dad, called while Eunice, Lee, and the rest of their breakfast crew were still eating. Lee called the authorities as soon as he hung up with Peter. They informed him that another plane had struck the World Trade Center.

Lee and Eunice were watching the building on TV when Peter called again. The son of the couple confirmed that their plane was going to crash. The son then confirmed that the plane would crash. Exclaimed:

​​””Oh, my God!” Oh, my God! “Oh, my God!”

The line went dead after that. Eunice said that the two watched the plane crash into the tower and Lee was not the same after this. Lee, who died in November 2018 never witnessed the criminals’ trial.

Eunice, when asked what she’d say to the defendants if they were to come to her and speak with her, admitted that she’d swear and ask how they managed to kill Eunice and why they felt so hateful.

Eunice said she had never stopped thinking of her granddaughter, even though it has been two decades since that attack. She’s thought about all the things she didn’t achieve and wonders what would she have become.

Eunice is fortunate to have two more children, and even grandchildren, who helped her through the tougher times. Her grief, however, hasn’t lessened. Eunice says that she is used to dealing with grief.

Eunice thinks of her granddaughter when she remembers the joy she brought to those around her. And she says, if Eunice were alive today, she’d still be doing it.

In remembering those that died and those brave individuals who sacrificed their lives to save victims, we also remember the communities’ efforts to assist families in this time of crisis. Celebs got involved. Here’s a story about one.

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