This Northern Irish radio call on hypnotized hens might be the most funny thing you hear today


A clip featuring a hypnotised chicken from Northern Ireland radio has resurfaced and taken the internet by surprise.

This video, which runs just over 4 minutes, is a tribute to Gerry Anderson, a legend at Radio 4 and BBC Radio Ulster. Anderson died in 2014.

Flickerpix Animation created the animated series ‘On The Air’ for BBC. Before his death, his famous calls and antics were featured in the animated series ‘On The Air’.

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The call itself was released on the series in 2011. It is a bit of an adrenaline ride. To cut a long tale short, it involves a worried farmer and a hen who has been hypnotised more than a day. Also, a child of Prague statue.

Paul O’Kane shared the clip, which has been viewed over 2 million times since it resurfaced on Twitter. “This is one of the funniest pieces of live radio you’ll ever hear. And the animation adds an extra layer.”

We’re certain you’ll agree with him when you give it a try.

What do we mean?

Lorraine Kelly and everyone else have reshared the clip. Derry GirlsIt was created by Lisa McGee, and it is safe to say that it brightened up many people’s lives.

Flickerpix Animation has been around since TweetTo thank everyone again for their wonderful work. They wrote: “Unbelievable that an episode from our ‘On the Air’ has had over 2 million views in the last 2 days! But it shouldn’t be a surprise considering how funny the original audio content was with the hilarious (REAL) caller, encouraged by the impeccable wit of Gerry Anderson!”

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