This new Netflix series, The Great British Baking Show is perfect for fans of the show.

This dramatic season will be over in no time. The Great British Baking ShowThis week will be the last of Netflix’s attempts to tempt our tastebuds with its new Netflix Original series A new reality TV show about cooking. One that debuts, in fact, the same day that we’ll learn whether Giuseppe, Chigs, or Crystelle takes home the Bake Off top honors — following one of the most shocking eliminations this season.

Jurgen, the soft-spoken, highly skilled baker, left the semifinals at the end. This was a twist that very few people likely saw coming. We’ll talk about that a little more below. But, for now, it’s worth noting that if these kinds of cooking reality shows are one of your favorite streaming treats? Then you’re in luck. You’re in luck, because on November 26th, the 8-episode series will be available. School of ChocolateIt might just be the perfect dessert. For after you’ve finished the dramatic, season-long meal of Bake OffThat is it.

New Netflix baking series School of Chocolate

Here’s how Netflix describes the new series. “Eight top pastry and chocolate professionals are coming to School of ChocolateTo help them take their careers and skills to the next level. Their teacher is Amaury Guichon (a) world-renowned chocolatier. He is known worldwide for his amazing pastries and mind-blowing chocolate showpieces.

“One lucky student who manages to prove themselves ‘Best in Class’ after eight episodes will win a prize package that includes a career-changing opportunity.”

The trailer can be viewed in the tweet below. Participants are left stunned by the intricate and exquisitely detailed chocolate confections Guichon creates. As with Bake OffIt looks like this show will have some high-stakes drama. Chocolate can be temperamental and difficult to make into art, so it is not surprising that it is so.

Given that this series is so focused on one type of sweet, it doesn’t feel like it will command but a fraction of the interest that Bake Off enjoys. It could be a nice new title in the same genre that you enjoy spending some time with.

baker in white coat picking up chocolate
A scene from the Netflix reality competition series. “School of Chocolate.” Image source: Netflix

Great British Baking Show finale Nov. 26

Talk about Bake Off, who else’s mouth was hanging open after Jurgen’s surprise elimination during the semifinal episode? The decision to give him the boot was made in fact. “the greatest injustice in the show’s history.” And it definitely has teed up what’s sure to be a closely watched final episode on Friday for Netflix viewers in the US.

Jurgen Krauss, a German baker, was the one who took his expulsion from the show with a smile. During the semifinal, he said that he kind of felt it coming. He wrote a touching letter to his fans, which was shared on Twitter. “Who wants to fly to the moon,”He wrote, “if you can be on Bake Off?”

Similar to this, Netflix has unveiled the trailer for its new movie “The Last Stand.” Special holiday episode of Bake Off. It premiered in December.

As for this season’s finale, I’m rooting for Crystelle Pereira, a baker from London. She’s been incrementally swinging for the fences and knocking the judge’s socks off with each of her recent bakes. As Jurgen learned that she was Star Baker, she said goodbye and hugged her goodbye. But that she’s also headed to the finale.

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