This new Netflix game show hosted by Howie Mandel is total bullsh*t

Netflix is well-known for its massive library of movies, TV shows and other entertainment. You can find Netflix originals that aren’t available anywhere else. These include shows like Cobra Kai The WitcherTo feature films such as the just released Do not look up. The streamer has expanded its ambitions over the years and now offers a variety of shows including reality, cooking contests, and game shows. It’s the new Netflix show, which will be available this summer, that we want you to know about.

It’s a game program, hosted by Howie Mandel. And it’s total bullsh*t.

Literally — that’s the actual name of the show.

Howie Mandel hosts new Netflix show

The basic idea is that a group will answer questions to earn money. The contestants will have to choose between correct answers and bogus answers. Their teammates will think they know the right answer, but they don’t.

DeadlineThe show is expected to debut on Netflix this summer, according to reports. It is produced by Nobody’s Hero, which was founded by Jonty Nah and Christopher Potts. These two are part the creative team behind another Netflix reality show. This is how you do it!

The new show’s central concept, in which players can win money even if they don’t know the right answers, is also the basis of another game show. It’s ABC’s entertaining and surprising entertainment program. The HustlerCraig Ferguson hosted the show.

This is where the premise is that you have four contestants. One of them is the titular “hustler.”A series of questions is asked that will connect to the hustler’s life and bank money. Because the answers reveal very little about the hustler, it is possible for the hustler to try and steer players to the wrong answer. Three players are left. The three remaining players attempt to smoke out the hustler. They will not be able to find the hustler. They each take home the money. They split the pot if two of them guess the identity of the hustler.

Additional details

ABC has not confirmed the third season of The Simpsons as of the writing of this article. The Hustler. This one is well worth the effort. Although I’m not a huge game show fan, the first two seasons had me hooked.

Mandel’s participation on the Netflix new show is not the most promising. Mandel is one of those television personalities who loves him or hates him. Mandel also has his own podcast. Howie Mandel Does Stuff. The documentary Howie Mandel: But Enough About MePeacock currently streams the film. Mandel hosts as well as executive-producers Deal or No DealCNBC, amongst other things.

This new series joins the growing reality category on Netflix, which also includes popular titles such as the Korean dating show. Single’s Inferno, plus hits like Queer Eye, Selling SunsetFind out more.

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