This Multiverse of Madness leak provides exciting Doctor Strange details

We’re four months away from the Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madnesspremier, which will likely be the most important MCU movie in 2022. It could be even larger in scope than Spider-Man has no way home, as it’ll focus on the multiverse even more than the standalone Spider-Man movie. That’s quite understandable, considering that the MCU Phase 4’s central theme is the multiverse, and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) is one of the Avengers that is best equipped to handle this threat. With four months to go, there’s no shortage of Multiverse of Madness plot leaks, and we’ve already seen plenty. But there’s a new Doctor Strange 2We have some new details about Doctor Strange thanks to a plot leak. Before we check it out, I’ll remind you that Below are some possible spoilers..

Problem with Doctor Strange 2Leakage of plots

It was an amazing first year for MCU Phase 4 stories. There were five Disney Plus TV shows and four movies in theaters. That’s a richer storytelling experience than ever before, and that’s only possible because Disney It integrated the MCU into its streaming platform. But it’s also been the worst year in terms of leaks for Marvel, especially when it comes to movies.

We witnessed many plot leaks online, especially prior to Eternals There’s no way home. These proved to be extremely accurate. We now come to the Multiverse of MadnessLeakage of plots “problem.” It’s not actually an issue for Marvel, which is looking to conceal MCU secrets. It’s a problem for Marvel fans who love leaks.

As you may already know, Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of MadnessIn the last months of 2021, a huge reshoot was required. The plot leaks that occurred before the reshoots were over will not be matched by the ones that followed. Rumours claim that Marvel used the reboots to correct script errors and add many more cameos.

That’s something you need to be aware of before going into the new Multiverse of MadnessIt could be a plot leak. You might find details that were not in the previous leaks.

Doctor Strange and Wong in Multiverse of Madness trailer
Multiverse of Madness trailer featuring Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), and Wong (Benedict Wong). Image source: Marvel Studios

The new Multiverse of MadnessLeakage of plot

Or, perhaps the entire leak is fan fiction. There’s no way to tell with these leaks until we get more proof from trailers or other marketing materials. But the leak feels familiar because it already incorporates the general plot elements we’ve heard of before. It also contains an exciting development about the Strange primary version, which will be appearing in the MCU. It also offers a possible explanation to why the X-Men were brought into the MCU. That’s the kind of multiverse side effect we’ve come to expect from Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness.

The latest plot leak comes from 4chan, and you’ll find it in full on Reddit. It is the same as other stories. Doctor Strange 2There are plot leaks. Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) will be one of the film’s main villains, scouring the multiverse to find her kids. She’ll battle Strange and other heroes before redeeming herself at the end.

But this Multiverse of MadnessSome fascinating details can be found in plot leak. Even if it’s just fiction based on the previous Doctor Strange 2 leaks and the trailer, it’s still something that reads well.

Wanda and Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness trailer
Multiverse of Madness Trailer Image Source: Marvel Studios

The big Endgame detail

The MCU’s Doctor Strange will tell Wong (Benedict Wong) that Thanos (Josh Brolin) was supposed to win Endgame. Strange made it so that Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), would have to die. Strange is also playing with reality. There is no way home didn’t help. All of this is making reality crumble.

That’s why Strange will seek Wanda and ask for her help. They need each other, the Multiverse of MadnessIt is a plot leak. Strange wants to save the real world, Wanda wants her children. However, the MCU may be witness to the most violent deaths so far.

The movie will begin with an alternate Doctor Strange and Wong in an alternate universe. This universe is almost identical to the MCU. We are supposed to believe these are our Stranges and Wong. This alternate Strange and Wong are then brutally murdered by an unknown force. These deaths are reportedly the most brutal in MCU history and push the PG-13 rating. As the unseen force stalks these alternate Strange/Wong variants, we get to see its perspective. This is a tribute to Sam Raimi. Evil Dead.

The other Avengers variations

MCU characters can interact with others. We’ll see one Wanda who is younger and has kids, the twins from WandaVision. Her brother is Quicksilver (Evan Peters), from Fox X-Men.

Strange will meet an evil version that is similar to the Strange Supreme character. What If…?. The MCU is almost exactly the same reality as this evil Strange. However, Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams), who had married another man, was killed in a car crash.

Evil Strange in Multiverse of Madness trailer
Multiverse of Madness trailer – Evil Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch). Image source: Marvel Studios

Then there’s Defender Strange, who will form the Defenders in a reality where Thanos won for real. As seen in, half of the Avengers were killed. Infinity War. Strange created a new group to protect that truth. He also grew a ponytail.

Surprisingly, Multiverse of MadnessAccording to a leak, the movie will also depict the aftermath of the timelines in which Thanos won. These scenes will be frightening.

Evil Strange isn’t the main villain, and he’ll team up with MCU Strange and Defender Strange to fight against Wanda.

The X-Men Universe

Wanda will find and kidnap the children of the Wanda from Fox’s X-Men universe. The timeline will also start to fall apart. That’s where some of the Fox X-Men will show up.

The Multiverse of MadnessA plot leak suggests that Evil Strange will be against Defender Strange and MCU Strange in the movie. Evil Strange will ultimately commit suicide due to guilt.

Apparently, there’s no way to save both the MCU universe and the Evil Strange timeline. It’s unclear whether the Fox universe and the Evil Strange universe are the same.

According to a leak, Wanda will be the last character in the movie and she will merge the MCU universe with the Fox X-Men world. The MCU will thus be retconned so that the mutants are present from the beginning.

The Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange 2 trailer
The Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), Doctor Strange 2 trailer Image source Marvel Studios

This is it? Multiverse of MadnessIs plot leak real

As I mentioned before, anyone who has enough knowledge about the MCU or the other can do so. Multiverse of MadnessIt is possible that plot leaks could have created this storyline. It’s got plenty of elements featured in other leaks, as well as details that we think we saw in the trailer.

It also lacks the juice bits we truly desire from any other juice. Multiverse of MadnessLeak: The cameos. We want to know who the Avengers and X-Men are in this film and what they do.

However, it could also be the true thing. We’ll just have to wait for more leaks to arrive and see if they will corroborate any of this — read it in full below.

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