This Marvel hero may have confirmed that he was indeed there

The huge Spider-Man, There’s No Way Home surprises leaked several months before the film’s premiere. The evidence was so numerous that actors involved in the film had difficulty denying they were part of Tom Holland’s multiverse adventure. There were many cameos. Doctor Strange 2Even more bizarre than that. This movie will have many Avengers surprises to make fans happy. Here are some of the most famous Doctor Strange 2 cameo rumors involve heroes you’d expect to see, like Deadpool, Iron Man, and Wolverine. And it turns out that one of the actors playing one of Marvel’s beloved characters might have confirmed their Doctor Strange 2 cameo.

Be aware Big Multiverse of MadnessBelow are spoilers.

Why Doctor Strange 2Like Endgame

The thing that changed Avengers: EndgameIn terms of earnings, the movie “Superhero Movie” is the most important. Infinity War cliffhanger. The end of Avengers 3This sparked much discussion online about the deceased heroes. In the year between the two AvengersIn installments, we received an amazing number of reports that confirmed that the Avengers were back. The rumors fuelled online chatter about the possibility of an Avengers return. Avengers 4.

The einzige thing that came close to this level of hype was the There is no way homeIn the last few months, there has been much chatter. The difference is that There is no way homeRumours kept coming up confirming the same four actors. TobeyMaguire, Charlie Cox and Tom Hardy all would be in the movie. These rumors included the older Spider-Man actors.

The same “recipe”It will fuel interest in Doctor Strange 2. In this regard, Multiverse of MadnessIt is more similar EndgameCameos are a big deal. That’s because the number of Avengers showing up in this multiverse film might exceed our expectations.

Crazy cameos

It’s not just Deadpool, Iron Man, and Wolverine that has us excited about Doctor Strange 2. As we get closer to the film’s release, we’re getting more and more reports about the Marvel actors that might appear in the movie. Many X-Men mutants and several Fantastic Four members could appear in the sequel. One of the most intriguing Doctor Strange 2 rumors said that it’s none other than John Krasinski playing an alternate Mister Fantastic in Doctor Strange 2. We did compile a list with amazing people. Doctor Strange 2Here’s a link to more cameos.

Back to Wolverine. He is the Marvel fan’s favorite character in the MCU. Hugh Jackman retired famously from the role. Logan. That’s easily the best movie in the Wolverine franchise and a great end to Jackman’s run as one of the most beloved mutants.

Professor X, Wolverine, and Magneto in X-Men: First Class
In X-Men First Class, James McAvoy portrays Professor X, Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), Magneto (Michael Fassbender). Image source: Fox

Hugh Jackman confirmed his return as Wolverine.

Jackman stated however in past interviews that he would have thought about it. PartneringWith the Avengers. This was before Disney bought Fox. Doctor Strange 2Jackman might get the opportunity to play the role of Wolverine in the first movie that offers him the chance to do so with many Avengers.

We did see direct evidence that Jackman discussed with Marvel’s Kevin Feige last summer. Jackman also brilliantly trolling the internet with a Wolverine quote almost a full year prior Doctor Strange 2 release.

The actor laughed at the idea of returning to Wolverine during an interview just a few weeks later. The actor instructed the interviewer to ensure Deadpool heard about it. “Tell that to whoever you want, but please tell it to Ryan [Reynolds], because he’s like, doesn’t believe it, he thinks I’m joking. Please,”The actor said.

With all that in mind, we have a different video showing Jackman where the actor seems to confirm that he’s playing Wolverine in Doctor Strange 2. It’s available below:

Someone asks Jackman whether he’ll appear as Wolverine in Doctor Strange 2In the video above. It’s unclear whether the actor understood the question or whether he’s just faking it.

But he clearly confirms that he’s Wolverine, generally speaking. He is Wolverine, it’s obvious. We’re yet to see Marvel recast the role. But did he just tell the world that he’s Wolverine in Doctor Strange 2He does it in a way that makes Kevin Feige believe he did not?

You’ll be the judge of that. What’s certain is that the Wolverine cameo rumors for Doctor Strange 2It is unlikely to slow down in the near future.

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