This is the real story behind I Just Killed My Dad. Anthony Templet was abused before killing his father Burt.

NETFLIX’s latest true-crime hit reveals the horrifying story of a teen boy accused of shooting his father after years of abuse.

I Just Killed My Dad is the true story about Anthony Templet who allegedly shot his father Burt multiple times in the head and then called the cops to confess.

Anthony Templet fatally shot his father in the head three times, and the docuseries I Just Killed My Dad tells his tragic story (pictured during the interview for show)


Anthony Templet shot his father three times in the head, and the documentary I Just Killed My Dad tells the tragic story. (pictured during an interview for the show).Credit: Netflix
Anthony pictured in his mugshot aged 17


Anthony in his mugshot, 17-years-oldCredit: WAFB
Anthony and his dad, Burt


Anthony and Burt, Anthony’s dadCredit: Netflix

Anthony confessed to the crime, but he was only sentenced to five years probation with supervision. He claimed that he was acting in self-defense against Burt’s abuse.

Burt, who was then just 17 years old, was shot to death in June 2019 by his Louisiana-born son. Yahoo! reports.

Anthony dialed 911 to tell the operator: “I just killed my dad. I shot him three times.”

The crime did not show any signs of struggle or self-defense.

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Authorities initially feared that Anthony’s lacklustre remorsefulness and emotion was an indication of sociopathy. This was due to their knowledge.

Anthony’s defense group, his stepmother, and several other family members insisted that prison was unnecessary, since the teen had been abused by his father for over ten year.

Anthony’s mother kept him safe for a while due to his father’s routine abuse. This allegedly involved endless beatings, mental and verbal abuse.

Burt, Anthony’s mother had already given him custody, decided to kidnap his son.

Anthony was also said to have lived with his father who kept surveillance cameras in the house, leaving him fearful of punishment.

Anthony’s stepmother Susan explains that she attempted to teach him math basics and reading and writing as late as he was 10. She also said that she feared that an age-appropriate education at a public school would be impossible. Esquire said.

Anthony’s father reportedly kept Anthony away from school to ensure that abuse would continue unobserved by the public.

By 2019, Susan had split with Burt. Anthony was left alone and vulnerable to his father’s paranoia, anger and weapons.

Burt found Anthony on June 3rd, had gone through his phone and accused him of not being in touch with Susan.

Anthony took two guns belonging to his father and shot his father three times in the head.

Anthony was initially charged first with second-degree killing, but the charges were later reduced to manslaughter.

Anthony was released from bond in December 2019.

Access to mental health professionals was also available.

The District Attorney’s office and the defense reached a negligent murder plea in March 2021.

The condition is that he gets his GED, has counseling and works or studies full-time. He will be released from five years of probation.

You can have the offense expunged from your record if you follow the legal requirements.

Anthony spoke out about the Netflix show and said that “you get all your freedom taken from you in prison.”

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“It just kind of made me realize that…I just want to live normally and be happy and just move on,”He added.

I Just Killed My Dad can now be viewed on Netflix.

Netflix original crime docuseries I Just Killed My Dad begins streaming August 9


Netflix Original Crime Docuseries I Just Killed My Dad starts streaming August 9Credit: Netflix

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