This is me, an Emirates pilot. Here is why we have the seatbelt sign.

A pilot discovered the real reason that the seatbelt sign needs to be activated during a flight – even if there are no turbulence.

It is common for passengers to unbuckle their seatbelts while on flights.

Here is why the seatbelt sign might be on even if there is no turbulence


Here’s why the seatbelt sign could be in place even if there’s no turbulenceCredit to Alamy

However, Pilot Captain Christian Baker who works for Emirates, explains why you should still buckle up even if it seems to be smooth sailing.

Sun Online Travel spoke to him: “Quite often passengers wonder why the seatbelt sign is on, despite traveling in smooth air.

“We often receive information from aircraft on the same route about turbulent weather ahead, and our advanced weather radar detects any possible turbulence.

“So in the interest of passenger safety, the seatbelt sign is switched on in anticipation.”

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According to him, some Emirates flights are safe for people who fear turbulence.

He added: “Emirates’ inflight entertainment has 100 Happiness & Wellbeing TV episodes for passengers.

“These episodes touch on themes including relaxation and meditation techniques, which I really recommend for passengers who are scared of flying or traveling long haul.”

Ryanair pilot reveals a different reason for his seatbelt sign being on.

Pilot: “Sometimes if the passengers are being annoying then the cabin crew ask us to turn the seatbelt signs on as if there’s turbulence, just so everyone sits down and the cabin crew can relax.”

A flight attendant supported the tactic, and she labelled it “artificial turbulence”.

Amanda Pleva, a flight attendant, says air pockets can appear out of nowhere and cause accidents if they aren’t properly secured.

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She stated: “Air pockets can sweep you right off of your feet and can occur without warning. So leave your seat belt on while at your seat.”

This is all you need to know about turbulentence and whether or not it is dangerous.

Pilot Christian said they have to take precautions advised by other flights


Pilot Christian advised that they should follow other flight’s advice.

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