This is How Mick Fleetwood Lose All His Money


This is How Mick Fleetwood Lose All His Money

How did Mick Fleetwood — a man whose band helped us vibe during the pandemic — end up broke? The answer may have a bit to do both with Australia and cocaine. Fleetwood celebrated his fame and success in a way that had become all too common among famous faces in the ’70s and ’80s: He bought an excessive amount of cocaine. According to the report, his penchant for cocaine was far greater than that of his bandmates. New York PostFleetwood was there to make sure that no one’s stash was wasted.

When all was said and done, the rocker had sniffed away an estimated $60 million on the drug — an amount he and one of the band’s engineers believed could stretch “seven miles long”If it had been combined into a single line. Interview with Cathy in August 2017. Rolling StoneFleetwood said that he remembered his father’s advice to him about being humble and joked that it might have helped. “And don’t take too many drugs.”


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