These Scenes In Joaquin Phoenix’s C’mon C’mon Were Unscripted, So The Actor Improvised

These Scenes In Joaquin Phoenix’s C’mon C’mon Were Unscripted, So The Actor Improvised

Joaquin Phoenix an Academy Award-winning Hollywood legend, and he’s showing There are no signs of slowing anytime soon.His Personae strange and mysterious makes one wonder what the man is like in real life, and it turns out that if you’d like to see for yourself, all you have to do is check out His most recent film, C’mon C’mon.

Johnny is played by Joaquin Phoenix. He interviews young people about their hopes and dreams, as well as their perspective on life. As it turns out, none was scripted. These are genuine interviews Phoenix conducted with real people. C’mon C’mon writer/director Mike Mills recently told us how Phoenix’s authenticity and warmth allowed these kids to open up to him:

They weren’t scripted. They are all not actors. They’re all from the cities we shot in, and often connected to a special school we kind of connected with like the Boggs School Detroit or Homer Pless New Orleans. Joaquin excels at interviews, listening to and being present for people and is ready to listen to what they have to share. They speak freely because of it. They speak freely and unguardedly because of it.

For those of us who haven’t yet seen C’mon C’monMike Mills is right. These authentic moments between kids and real-life subjects are one of the highlights of this flick. It is delightful to know that Joaquin Phoenix was the one who helped them feel at ease and really exist in that moment. 

We started a conversation about Joaquin Phoenix’s technical abilities at this moment. “acting”These scenes. Is he just being Joaquin or Johnny? Mike Mills tried to explain the layers and nuance involved in performing such a performance.

Because he can’t act in any way, I don’t know the answer. For that conversation to come to life, he has to be authentically present.

Joaquin Phoenix’s co-stars Gaby Hoffman and Woddy Norman disagreed with Mills, debating the Oscar nominee’s implication that acting in itself isn’t being “authentically present.”It was all good fun and laughter. Hoffman ended the debate by announcing that they were going to. “teach Mike Mills a thing or two.”You can view the entire clip in the video at bottom of this article. 

C’mon C’mon This movie is available in theaters now. Joaquin Phoenix? There are many exciting projects in the pipelineStay tuned. If you’re anxiously awaiting his next release and pondering what to watch, we’ve got you covered.

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