These five food hacks were developed by me as a professional chef.

You can save time and money using these simple tips from a professional chef to bring good food to your table.

You don’t have to let your food go to waste. Instead, transform old cabbage, zucchini and berries into delicious meals.

Alison Mountford is self-proclaimed food waste expert on TikTok


TikTok food waste expert Alison Mountford claims to be Alison MountfordCredit: TikTok/@itschefalison
Alison saved a slimy zucchini by peeling the skin off before slicing it into small pieces


Alison saved a slimy zucchini. She removed the skin before cutting it into small pieces.Credit: TikTok/@itschefalison

Alison Mountford is a TikTok food waste expert. She has 36,000 followers and shares tips on how to revive rotting vegetables and leftovers.

One of her Video clips viralAlison saves a head of black moldy cabbage by removing the outer leaves and cutting off the most damaged section.

The cabbage is now fresh as new. Alison creates a meal using the cabbage. “fresh and delicious”Vegetables can be spiced by adding spice to the cabbage and topped with buttery breadcrumbs.

“Cabbage lasts forever and it’s so good,”The chef said. “We only wasted a few leaves instead of an entire head.”

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The same method was used to remove a slimy zucchini. After peeling the skin, she cuts the vegetable into small pieces and bakes it in the oven.

“By the time I washed it off and cut it into coins, it was beautiful on the inside!”

Alison also offers a tip to help you get the most out your computer. Berries snacks.

“Do you know the low-waste way to eat strawberries?”Before she puts a whole berry in her mouth, the chef questions her followers.

“If the greens are Young and fresh go for it!”In the caption, she gives her advice.

“If they’re older or this just doesn’t make any sense to you just pluck them off with your fingers, no need to lop off a quarter of the fruit!!”

Old fruit is another type of fruit that can benefit from being used. Apples. Alison claims that apples up to a month old can still taste fresh if kept in the fridge.

Alison suggests using apples from the past in apple crisps, pies and applesauce.

The chef makes sandwiches with her food waste ideas. Restricted chicken.

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“I’m a chef who helps people reduce their household food waste either to save money or save the planet or just because throwing food away feels good,”The chef explained.

These hacks will help you save food leftovers.

Alison recommends eating all of strawberries - even the green leaves on top


Alison recommends that you eat all the strawberries, even those with green leaves.Credit: TikTok/@itschefalison
You can use old apples in apple crisps, pies, or any other recipe for a better taste


For a more flavorful recipe, you can use older apples in apple crisps or pies.Credit: TikTok/@itschefalison
A moldy cabbage head can be saved by removing the outer leaves and dark pieces


You can save a moldy cabbage head by removing the outer leaf and dark pieces.Credit: TikTok/@itschefalison

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