These Disney World Pictures Will Show You Halle Bailey As A Disney Princess.

These Disney World Pictures Will Show You Halle Bailey As A Disney Princess.

It’s not every day that you get to see a real-life Disney Princess. Halle Bailey was a special guest for House of Mouse fans. Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebrationThis weekend. The pop star looked and sounded magical during her rendition of a Disney classic — and surprisingly, it wasn’t from her upcoming adaptation of The Little Mermaid

ABC aired an ABC special called “Remembering Disney World” to mark a significant milestone. The Most Magical Story Ever Told: 50 Years of Walt Disney World. This special focused on the history of the park and important moments in Disney pop-culture. The special enlisted Halle Bailey and other past and present Disney stars to tell its story. After the special aired, the actress and singer gave her fans on Instagram a glimpse of herself standing in front of Cinderella’s castle. You can see the stunning photos she shared.

It is evident from the Instagram photos that Halle Bailey is Disney royalty. she isn’t showing us her take on Ariel. What’s more surprising isn’t how well she pulled off the ball gown and regal air, but what she performed during the ABC special. Although Halle Bailey was expected to sing, it is surprising that she did. “Part of Your World”Instead, she treated us to an ABC special This is a beautiful take on “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”Starting at The Lion King

It makes sense why she wouldn’t give us a sneak peek from the Little MermaidBut she does. Showing us she’s capable of carrying a Disney tune, but still waiting until the film hits theaters to debut her rendition of Ariel’s iconic songs, just makes us even more eager to hear them. 

Fans have been eagerly awaiting her appearance as Ariel ever since she was announced. While she’s kept most of her appearance under wraps, Halle Bailey thankfully hasn’t left us hanging Completely. While she was filming in June The Little MermaidShe shared an Instagram story in Italy that showed fans how hard she worked. Red hair looks fabulous!. After the production was over, she shared A teaser image of her in mermaid form.Instagram: Despite the fact that her face is somewhat mysterious due to the distance and lighting, she managed to keep it a little mystery.

The Little Mermaid won’t hit theaters until May 26, 2023It’s a great movie, with plenty of excitement about its release. We are excited to finally see Halle Bailey as Disney Princess Halle Bailey. the film’s ensemble is stacked. It seems like there will be Lin-Manuel Miranda released many new songs in addition to the old classics, we know there’s a lot more magic under the sea to come. 

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