These are the places you should actually take your Disney Vacation photos

  • This past August, I was in Orlando, Florida for Disney World.
  • While there, I found that I got some of my best vacation photos at my hotel — not the theme parks.
  • Particularly, the All-Star Movies hotel is great for Instagram-worthy shots.

Every time I go to Disney World I try to spend the entire day at the resort.

There are many different dishes to choose from, various activities to engage in, and special spots to take photos. That is why I love staying at Disney property.

While parks can be crowded with hundreds of people, resorts are quieter so you can take photos without having to worry about strangers in the background. The resorts offer more options for striking images that will not look like every other person’s vacation photos.

Here are some of the best spots that I found at the All-Star Movies resort — Disney World’s cheapest hotel — when I visited in August.

Disney World character meet-and greets are currently on hold, but you will be able to pose with statues in hotels to show your support for your favorite characters.

You can take photos with many larger-than-life characters at the All-Star Movies resort. I stayed at the “Toy Story”section, and my bedroom was just a few steps from the huge Woody statue.

Insider reporter Amanda Krause poses with a "Toy Story" statue at Disney World.

I was only a few steps from the Woody statue.

Amanda Krause/Insider

This area has statues of characters such Bo Peep, Rex and stepping stones that will show you where to stand.

Character statues at Disney World's All-Star Movies resort.

My room was also walking distance to this photo spot.

Amanda Krause/Insider

These props make for great photos.

You can find magical details everywhere because Disney World hotels are so beautifully themed. The All-Star Movies resort includes hotel entrances, pools and many other details.

The “Fantasia”A giant Mickey hat from the Sorcerer section is located in the -themed section. Although it serves as a path between rooms, vending machine and stairs, it is also used as a backdrop for family photos.

Insider reporter Amanda Krause at Disney World's All-Star Movies hotel.

Disney hotels have photo ops almost everywhere.

Amanda Krause/Insider

Similar props can be found across the All-Star Movie resort — like giant director’s clapboards — and at other Disney World hotels. At the Pop Century resort, for example, you can take pictures alongside huge yo-yos, cans of Play-Doh, and Mickey Mouse phones — all of which represent trends from earlier decades.

At some hotels, you can even step into scenes of your favorite Disney movies

You might be someone who enjoys being creative with your photographs. There are stations around the hotel that can assist you.

One spot is located in the hotel’s lobby “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”Section, where you can pose behind a TV and make it appear that you are on the screen. You could also have several people stand in front of a TV and pose with the dog.

Insider reporter Amanda Krause at Disney World's All-Star Movies resort.

There are some spots that are great for group shots.

Amanda Krause/Insider

Another is in the “Toy Story”You can take a seat in an RC Car and race down the road.

Throughout my stay, I saw tons of people — from small children to grown adults — doing exactly that.

Insider reporter Amanda Krause at Disney World's All-Star Movies resort.

Both children and adults took pictures with the Disney decor.

Amanda Krause/Insider

You have options for those who don’t want their vacation photos all to be Disney-esque.

You can find colorful walls in Disney World’s parks that you can use as backgrounds for family photos or selfies. Unfortunately, these spots are often very crowded online so it can be hard to take a photo in front of them.

However, that was not a problem in my experience at my hotel. I took a photo in front of the resort’s heart-print wall. “The Love Bug”section and a Dalmatian spot wall in the “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”Area. Both of these were great for Instagram and I didn’t have to wait to see if other parkgoers finished taking their pictures.

Insider reporter Amanda Krause at Disney World's All-Star Movie resort.

There are tons of other options. “Instagram walls”To pose in front.

Amanda Krause/Insider

There’s nothing better than a Cinderella Castle shot or a selfie of Winnie the Pooh.

If you want to capture unique shots with thousands of Disney fans behind them, Disney World’s Hotels are the best option.

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