These are the best UK sea swimming pools to cool off in heatwaves – and they’re free to visit

Brits all over the country are trying to find the best ways to cool down in these heatwaves.

One of the most efficient ways to exercise is to go for a swim in the ocean, or in an outdoor swimming pool.

We've rounded up the best places to cool down in which are free


We have compiled a list of the top places to cool off, which are all freeCredit: Facebook

There are however places that you can do both, with beaches popular on sunny days.

Here are six of our favourites from the UK.

La Vallette Bathing Pools Guernsey

Guernsey is a Channel island with many wonderful sea swimming options for both locals and tourists. However, the La Vallette swimming pools are the best.

They’ve provided outdoor saltwater swimming opportunities on the island for over 150 years and have four different pools to enjoy, including the Horseshoe, the ladies’ pool, the gents’ pool and the children’s pool.

La Vallette bathing pools in Guernsey has four different pools


The four pools at La Vallette, Guernsey’s bathing pool, are all differentCredit to Alamy
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Walpole Bay Tidal Pool, Kent

The Walpole Bay pool at Margate is the largest tidal pool in the country. It is approximately the same width as six 25-meter pools.

There are many people who use grade II listed facilities. These include serious swimmers and kids who swim open-water, as well as children who paddle in the shallow end.

Walpole Bay pool in Margate is the country's biggest sea pool


The country’s largest sea pool is Walpole Bay in MargateCredit: Getty

Shoalstone Seawater pool, Devon

Shoalstone, according to its website, is “ideal for acclimatizing cold water swimming”. Although Shoalstone was originally a rockpool, it was converted into a tidal swimming area almost 100 years later.

Now it offers a free place to cool off on sunny days, although there is a recommended donation of £2 per swim to help towards running costs.

Shaolstone used to be a natural rockpool before it was made into a swimming pool


Before it was converted into a swimming-pool, Shaolstone was a natural rockpool.Credit: Facebook

Bude Sea Pool, Cornwall

This is a partially man-made sea pool, built into the rock at Summerleaze Beach.

Its website claims that it boasts a total of “provided a haven for free and safe bathing and other water-based activities since the 1930s”.

Bude's sea pool is the second highest rated thing to do in the town


Bude’s beach pool is rated second in popularity among things to do in BudeCredit: Getty

The Trinkie in Caithness, Scotland

“Trinkie”Trench means trench, and it is easy to see why this area was named so.

Hot days can see up to 100 people arrive at this spot to sunbathe and swim.

The Trinkie in Caithness attracts swimmers and sunbathers on hot days


On hot days, swimmers and sunbathers flock to Caithness’ Trinkie.Credit to Alamy

Blue Lagoon in Pembrokeshire

This old slate quarry is one of the most stunning spots to swim in the country. Red Bull has held its cliff diving championships there three times.

Although it is recommended to travel with an organized group due to the depth and currents of the water, experienced swimmers can still go in without a group.

The blue lagoon in Wales is a former slate quarry and is popular with cliff divers


The blue lagoon is a former quarry of slate in Wales and is popular among cliff divers.Credit to Alamy
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Brits were warned not to swim in these areas of the sea.

These secret beaches will be the quietest during the heatwave.

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