These are my tricks to help you determine if your ‘tats’ are worth pennies…or thousands.

A skill that allows you to find the treasures within the tat is essential for amateur antique hunters.

Grace, a TikTok user has shared one of her secrets to finding her top picks.

Antiques hunter Grace picked up this $35 chest which originally looked unexciting


Grace, antiques hunter and historian, bought this $35 chest. It originally looked quite boring.Credit: Tiktok/raceful_designs_vt
But when she opened the drawer, she saw it had pin and cove joinery


She opened the drawer to find it contained pin and cove joinery.Credit: Tiktok/raceful_designs_vt

Grace, who is from Vermont and makes a living by transforming old furniture, captured a video in an antiques shop. She focuses on an older wooden chest.

“When I saw this little chest, I was not impressed,”She started. “She’s pretty cruddy.

“She has water marks and this honestly might be mould. The inside does not get much better.”

Grace was shocked to discover what she found in the drawer.

“When I opened this piece, I saw that this drawer had pin and cove drawer joinery, also known as nap joints,”She said it excitedly

“Typically you’ll see dovetail drawer joinery like this, or on s**tty pieces like this you’ll just see the drawers joined with nails.”

Grace said that pin and cove jointery was unique because it was used only to make furniture between 1870-1899.

“So when you see pin and cove, you’ve found a rare antique piece and for $35 I picked her up!”She said that the transformation would be featured on her TikTok page within the next few weeks.

The joinery is only found on furniture made between 1870 and 1900


Furniture made between 1870-1899 is exempt from joineryCredit: Tiktok/raceful_designs_vt

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