These 4 Zodiac Signs Secretly Hate Your (And Everyone Else)

Complex and multi-layered, humans are complex creatures. Our existence is a combination of personal taste, past experience and chance. The same goes for our compatibility. Some people are able to meet strangers; others can hate everyone.

It can be difficult to determine the root cause of these symptoms. Maybe they’re a grouch. Or, maybe they’re a good judge of character with no patience for beating around the bush. Perhaps it’s neither, and the Zodiac is to blame. 

The stars can show us what our external masks are trying to conceal. They can reveal Grumpy Gus’s to full-on misanthropes and every cranky person in between. 

You can hide your RBF as much as you like. The stars are aware. TheseFour signs secretly hate every person in the room.

1. Taurus

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When it comes to compatibility, Taurus’ cards are stacked against them. They are a fixed Earth sign and Venus is their ruling planet. Taurus is very hardheaded because of this. In their worst moments, they’re also very egocentric. Truly, it’s either their way or the highway. 

But, it’s not often like that. This is why they feel frustrated and annoyed. Taurus is very focused on their surroundings. Their dojo is directly threatened by differing opinions. At least, that’s what they’d like to think to justify their harsh critical streak.

2. Scorpio

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Scorpio is the Zodiac’s wallflower. They like to have a great vantage point from where they can observe others. This is their fundamental defense mechanism. This makes them natural judges. After all, they’re bound to have an opinion on what they see. 

Scorpio, which is the ruling planet of Pluto, is very aware of power dynamics. They are not easily intimidated, and can see imposters miles away. Scorpio might secretly dislike everyone in the room. But nine times out of ten they have a very good reason.

3. Virgo

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Virgos are hard workers who love to help others and work hard for their own good. Their adaptability and flexibility make them flexible, and Mercury, their ruling planet, provides intelligence, communication, and communication skills. Sometimes, Virgos can be too good for their own good. 

Virgos are not able to predict when they will be needed. Stop helping. They can easily turn from analytical to perfectionist. They lack empathy, despite their intellect. This makes them nosy and unforgiving judges—the celestial equivalent of “bless your heart.”

4. Cancer

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If Virgo, Scorpio, and Taurus’s bitter natures are offensive, then Cancer’s is defensive. They secretly hate everyone in the room because, to them, they’ve been Get jiltedEveryone in the room. These emotionally charged signs are a sign of deep, lasting grudges. 

Cancer also expects everyone else to have the same intuition. Cancer will take this as a personal insult. Cancer doesn’t just hate everyone in the room. They also feel owed an explanation, thank you very.

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