There is no way home or eternal to be found.

EternalsIt is finally here Disney PlusThis means that we know precisely where the MCU Phase 4 movie is located in the MCU timeline. The comments of a Marvel executive confirmed what we knew. But the Disney Plus listing confirms everything. Now we have both. EternalsAnd Spider-Man has no way homeThese two movies are connected, and we now know why. Before we dive into the Eternals timeline, it is important to know this. You will find big spoilers belowBoth films.

Present day MCU

Since Marvel released the first MCU Phase 4 adventure, we have been closely following the official timeline. It is important to understand when events in a movie or TV series occur relative to other Phase 4 projects. Endgame.

With this in mind the MCU’s current time is December 2024, at the end, after one year of MCU movies. HawkeyeRight around the holidays. There’s no way home took place right before HawkeyeThe action took place over two days in November, with the majority of it happening at night. Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), has forgotten who Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was by the time Hawkeye unfolds.

There is no way homeRight after the events of Far from HomeThis is Peter’s summer vacation, 2024.

Nate Moore, producer Marvel Studios, created the events of EternalsAt the same time, Far from Home. He might have been slightly off-base about the Eternals timeline.

It’s more likely, given the latest revelations that EternalsThis happens simultaneously. There is no way homeWe will explain why.

Eternals Final Trailer
Arishem is a Celestial in Eternals. Image source: Marvel Studios

The EternalsTimeline

Now that Chloé Zhao’s film is out of Disney PlusOfficially, the film’s position in the MCU timeline has been determined. The film sits between Shang-ChiAnd Hawkeye. You won’t find it There is no way homeOn the list since the new Spider-ManThe movie is not available for streaming.

And Spider-Man has no way homeDisney Plus won’t become the first streaming service to offer it.

EternalsThis complicated story is told by jumping between different moments in time. Earth’s first superheroes arrived 7,000 years ago. They have been protecting the planet against Deviants ever since.

However, the majority of the story is told over seven days. This is how long it takes for the Ajak (Salmahayek) to have a conversation with Ikaris (Richard Madden), at the farm, to reach the Celestial emergence.

The aftermath of the failed emergence, which occurred two weeks after Eternals’ battle for the Eternals, is also visible. Humans are still trying to figure it out. Some Eternals then fly into space to save other worlds. Others stay on Earth, but Arishem (David Kaye), seems to give humans instant PTSD.

Imagine a huge red creature in the sky a year after the fight against Thanos. (Josh Brolin). This is the type of MCU development that everyone will be talking and we cannot wait to hear the reactions from the Avengers.

What is the relevance of all this? There is no way home?

Marvel's Eternals
Marvel’s Eternals scene suggests that Halloween 2024 will be very close. Image source: Marvel Studios

It is important to pay attention to this critical detail EternalsThat tells us when the movie is set. It’s mid-fall when Sersi and Ikaris (Gemma Chan), arrive to recruit Phastos in Chicago. It’s the detail in the background that is most important.

The three discuss Superman’s powers and then we see a Halloween pumpkin sitting on a bench. We know the story. EternalsThis will occur around Halloween 2024.

This must be the moment when the Eternals stop their emergence. This means Arishem appears in the Earth’s skies two weeks later, at the middle of November. It’s still very cold outside compared to London.

Returning to There is no way homePeter is at the coffee shop where MJ Zendaya (Benedict Cumberbatch), and gets the idea to visit Doctor Strange. The university doesn’t seem to like Spider-Man affiliations so they decided not to go to MIT.

Petter notices Halloween decorations that MJ still hasn’t taken down. Petter sees the Halloween decorations that MJ hasn’t taken down and gets the idea of visiting the sorcerer. It is not known how long it will take for Halloween to happen at the coffee shop, but MJ’s boss asks her to remove the decorations.

It means that the events are in There is no way homeThese events will take place at the same moment as the ones in Eternals.

It’s not clear when the timeline will be completed. It is possible that the failed emergence occurred before Peter saw the Halloween decorations. It’s not clear if Arishem appears in the sky after or before the Halloween decorations. There is no way home battle.

Why is it so? EternalsImportant: Timeline

Peter Parker (Tom Holland) in the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer
Peter Parker (Tom Holland), scene in a coffee shop scene, Spider-Man: The Way Home. Source: Sony

In the end, it’s not that important what order of events. It is still fascinating given the MCU Phase 4 plot hole. In some of the recent events, we have seen, the Avengers are usually absent in action.

Some do make it in. Shang-ChiHowever, we don’t get the same scrutiny from Earth’s greatest heroes regarding the events in Eternals.

They don’t react to the entire Peter Parker identity crises. This is from summer 2024Far from homeUp to November 2024There is no way home). It’s quite bizarre that the Avengers have not shown up in Far from HomePeter. They could have defended him against the murder charges. People love the Avengers.

HawkeyeThis is made crystal clear by the Rogers musical.

It is fascinating to see what the MCU will look like in 2024. The blip had an impact on everyone on the planet. Many people still have to deal with the fact that everyone will be returning from the dead by October 2023. The Mysterio scare of London in the summer 2024 was their next experience. They then witnessed terrifying earthquakes and an apparition in the sea. A red giant appeared in the sky (October-November 20, 2024).

All these events must have a ripple effect on the Earth, and people everywhere should be alert. Yet, these events are not even hintted at. There’s no way homeOder Hawkeye.

Marvel might be looking to better connect the stories as the MCU grows and the timeline gets more complicated. This is especially true if certain stories deliver major developments, such as the case with Eternals.

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