There is a hidden GBBO that only fans can access.

Fans of Great British Bake Off love the hidden attraction, which is only accessible through a specially disguised door.

Behind an odd door, in Haggerston (East London), lies the Big London Bake East.

The Big London Bake East is a baking tent hidden behind an unusual door


A baking tent is hidden behind a unique door in the Big London Bake.
The hidden baking tent was revealed by two travel experts on Instagram


Two travel experts revealed the hidden tent on Instagram

Exploring London, an Instagram account run by Drs Baj & Vaish, two experts in travel, regularly posts videos on the undiscovered places of London.

The aforementioned is a Recent Video. they have revealed the location of an attraction from Great British Bake Off that has been a big hit among fans.

This footage shows a glass-topped door under an old brick railroad bridge.

They said in the video: “Enter this doorway, which looks like it’s a kitchen for a baker.”

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There are bags of sugar and flour and scales. At the back there are fridges.

The door of the middle refrigerator is open, and you will never know what lies behind it.

The users stepped past the huge yellow refrigerator and were greeted by a lush garden that contained a tent in white. This appeared very similar to what they saw on screen.

Then they added, “This is what the Big London Bake East“, you’ll find a tent that will allow you to live out your Bake Off fantasies.”

The baking tent has all the kitchen tools you need. It’s a lot like the Bake-Off tent, where Paul Hollywood is known to poke the soggy bottoms of the contestants.

Each month, there will be a theme. Get your teams together and start preparing.

Like the TV show, each baker has 90 minutes to accomplish a specific task set by his or her head baker.

The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us ChallengeParticipants will be competing against each other to crown their team as star baker.

Fans have flooded the comments section with praise for this video, which has been viewed thousands of times.

Someone wrote, “I tried this out and it worked great!”

One person added, “This activity is so fun.”

There’s also a bar with a variety of cakes and cocktails.

Tickets start from £40 per person for a 90-minute baking session.

Meanwhile, some other mums are raving about a little-known children’s centre, which has huge play areas, storytelling sessions, and cheap tickets.

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Discover Children’s Story Centreis an interactive museum specifically for kids under 11.

Here’s an largely undiscovered pink beach with buried wrecks, dolphins and shipwrecks in the UK.

The bar is hidden behind a yellow fridge


Behind a fridge in yellow is a hidden bar
In the tent, the bakers will compete for the chance to become a star baker


Bakers from around the world will be competing in the tent to win the title of star baker
The tasks take place over a 90-minute session


These tasks are completed in a 90 minute session

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