There are three everyday activities that flight attendants never do on planes

Flight attendants have revealed words and actions that you will never hear or see them do and say on an airplane.

Flight attendants travel in aircraft with very specific rules for a variety of reasons.

Barbie is a flight attendant and has shared secrets from the job


Barbie, a flight hostess has revealed secrets about her job.Photo: Jam Press

Barbie (@barbiebac.ok), 29, from Argentina, is a flight attendant who shares her top travel tips and secrets on TikTok.

She highlights various aspects of her work in dozens of videos.

She said flight attendants were not permitted to accept monetary tips.

According to her, flight attendants must also refrain from using gum.

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The worst thing you can do is run on the plane.

It would make passengers believe that there is something wrong.

Barbie revealed, too, that some words, such as emergency, bomb, and fire, are prohibited.

The flight could be disrupted if passengers panic when they hear any of the above.

To communicate with each other in the event of an emergency, flight attendants are required to learn a special code.

Barbie also revealed that plane lights were turned off for a very specific reason, and it had nothing to do passengers trying to sleep.

This is to adjust the eyes of passengers in an emergency.

Another flight attendant revealed what she does to prevent being harassed by passengers.

The worst type of passengers on the flight was revealed by another.

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