Them Season 2: Release date, Cast, Plot and Other Details

It is one thing to take up a show that relentlessly knocks on all the walls that make up racial discrimination, but to infuse it with an anthology-themed horror drama is colossal. ‘Them’ was premiered on Prime Video on April 9 to a blend of controversy and appall, showcasing a consistent amount of racial abuse, dominating discrimination, disturbing ploy, and much more.

Season 1 of ‘Them’ follows the Emory family, who moves into an all-white neighborhood from North Carolina during the Second Great Movement in 1953. The family is received with discontent and given the cold shoulder at first sight, but only intensifies into what the season ends as a violent and aggressive welcome to the neighborhood. Things begin to slowly unravel in and around the house, with the next-door compatriots not making life any better.

Them 2

Them season 2: Release date

When Amazon initially took on the project for the show, a two-season deal was made. It should be noted that season 1 of ‘Them’ was released much later than expected as the production only began a year after Amazon’s announcement of the show. While the pandemic isn’t helping much in the case for media production, fans can expect season 2 of the horror drama to feature around late 2022, at best.

Them season 2: Cast

It can be speculated with a relevant cause that the oddly loved Emory family members might not return in future seasons as the anthology series would alter between stories and timelines as the seasons progress. However, fans cannot rule out any matter in terms of seeing the familiar faces if the production house goes for a similar run as ‘American Horror Story, where members are recast to play alternate roles.

Them season 2: Plot and What to expect?

There is no definite announcement on where or how the next season will unravel, but based on the events of season 1 fans, be assured that there will be plenty of historical events to take inspiration from.

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