The Voice’s Gwen Stefani Reveals What She First Thought Of Blake Shelton’s Country Twang

The Voice’s Gwen Stefani Reveals What She First Thought Of Blake Shelton’s Country Twang

It’s been fun to see Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton’s first season together as husband and wife on The Voice. The charming couple who They celebrated their first anniversary in JulyThe couple has been alternating between enjoying the intra-couple competition and teaming up with their coaches. The audience is still able to enjoy their amusing dynamic in any way they choose. Stefani, who made a funny admission about preconceived notions she had about Shelton prior to meeting, revealed that they were wrong. Camila Cabello, first coach that she wasn’t necessarily convinced Shelton’s country accent was the real deal.

Camila Cabello’s debut season on The VoiceHer seat in the Big Red Chair beside Blake SheltonFor better or worse. Concerned that being in such close proximity might lead her to pick up some of the cowboy’s twang, the “Havana”Gwen Stefani asked the singer if she’d ever had to deal with that problem. This led to the “Hollaback Girl” singer’s amusing confession that she thought he was talking like that for show. Stefani stated: 

I used to be like ‘When are you going to stop talking like that? Like, that’It was so fake. Then it happened. It was almost like his real voice.

With Gwen Stefani being from California, I can’t imagine she ran into too many drawl-heavy cowboys from Oklahoma, and she must have thought the accent was part of his whole schtick. This is not unusual for Nashville-based people who want to succeed. Imagine her shock when she realized it was real!

Blake Shelton’s alleged mistake may have led to the No Doubt frontwoman being misled, but Blake Shelton has admitted that he is pretty. Gwen Stefani: I am cluelessBefore getting to know her The VoiceSeason 7, which aired in 2014, was the seventh season. He said that spent his whole life never understanding that oranges played such a big role in No Doubt’s music videos and album art because they were from Orange County. It remains unclear whether or not he recognized his then-girlfriend’s music when a Contestant auditioned for her song “Cool”In 2016.

Blake Shelton claimed that he Loves to have his wife around The Voice with him, because that’s at least one person he doesn’t have to worry about in terms of arch rivalries. Adam Levine had previously used the Big Red Chair, which John Legend has taken over.Adam Devine should not be confused) and Kelly Clarkson, and he’s ready to take on the OG coach. Camila Cabello, however, might be a force for all three of the other mentors, as through three nights, she’s secured the most four-chair turns, and the most team members overall thus far.

You can watch the progression between each of these four points. The VoiceNBC will air the program on Tuesday, September 27, at 8 p.m. ET. Please also check out our 2022 TV ProgramKeep up to date with all the premieres. 

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