The Visual Effects Society Awards: Dune wins Big

“Dune”And “Encanto” were the big winners at the Visual Effects Society’s 2022 VES Awards, which were handed out on Tuesday evening at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills.

The films were nominated for four awards. “Dune”Outstanding Visual Effects of a Photoreal Feature, a VES category that closely matches Academy Award for Best Visual Effects. In the past 19 year, the Oscar has been won 10 times by winners of this category. However, the last film to do so in that category was “The Jungle Book”2017

“Dune”Along with being nominated for Best Visual Effects Oscar, “Spider-Man: No Way Home,”This environment was awarded a VES Award in recognition of its mirror-dimension design. “Free Guy” “No Time to Die”And “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings,”Which did not win anything.


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“Encanto”They won Outstanding Visual Effects for an Animated Feature, along with three other awards. This made them the top winners in all animation categories, apart from one. “Raya and the Last Dragon.” “Last Night in Soho”Award for Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature

Here are some other winners of film “Finch,” “Spider-Man: No Way Home”And “Jungle Cruise.”

Television categories “Foundation”While two of the awards were awarded to winners, others were given to “The Witcher,” “Loki”And “See.”

Also at the ceremony, Guillermo del Toro received the VES Award for Creative Excellence and Lucasfilm’s Lynwen Brennan received the VES Lifetime Achievement Award. Drew Carey, the original host, was forced to withdraw due to a last-minute injury.

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Check out the full list of award winners

Incredible Visual Effects in a Photorealistic Feature “Dune”
Paul Lambert, Brice Parker, Tristan Myles, Brian Connor, Gerd Nefzer

Photorealistic Feature: Outstanding Supporting Visual Effects “Last Night in Soho”
Tom Proctor, Gavin Gregory, Julian Gnass, Fabricio Baessa

Outstanding Visual Effects in an Animated Feature “Encanto”
Scott Kersavage, Bradford Simonsen, Thaddeus P. Miller, Ian Gooding

Amazing Visual Effects in a Photoreal Episode “Foundation”: “The Emperor’s Peace”
Chris MacLean, Addie Manis, Mike Enriquez, Chris Keller, Paul Byrne

Excellent Supporting Visual Effects for a Photoreal Episode “See”: “Rock-A-Bye”
Chris Wright, Parker Chehak, Javier Roca, Tristan Zerafa, Tony Kenny

Amazing Visual Effects in Real-Time Projects “Call of Duty: Vanguard”
Sandy Lin-Chiang, Joseph Knox, Gareth Richards, Shane Daley

Outstanding Visual Effects in Commercials “Sheba”Hope Reef
Grant Walker, Sophie Harrison and Hernan Llano. Michael Baker

Amazing Visual Effects in a Special Venue project: “Jurassic World Adventure”
Eugénie von Tunzelmann, Maximilian McNair MacEwan, Stephen Goalby, Brad Silby

Amazing Animated Character in a Photoreal Feature “Finch”: Jeff
Harinarayan Raheev, Matthias Schoenegger and Simon Allen, Paul Nelson

A Feature with Outstanding Animated Characters: “Encanto”Mirabel Madrigal
Kelly McClanahan. Sergi Caballer. Mary Twohig. Jose Luis. “Weecho”Velasquez

A Real-Time Project or Episode with an Outstanding Animated Character “The Witcher”: Leshy Ekel; Tree Branch Creature
Hannes Faupel, Stéphane Paccolat, Ivan Cadena Ayala, Laurent Fortin

Outstanding Animated Character in Commercial “Smart Energy, Einstein Knows Best”: Einstein
Alex Hammond, Harsh Borah, Clare Williams, Andreas Graichen

Photorealistic Feature: Outstandingly Created Environment “Spider-Man: No Way Home”Mirror Dimension
Eric Le Dieu de Ville, Thomas Dotheij, Ryan Olliffe, Claire Le Teuff

Outstanding Created Environment in an Animated Feature “Encanto”: Antonio’s Room
Camille Andre, Andrew Finley, Chris Patrick O’Connell, Amol Sathe

A stunning created environment in a commercial, episode or real-time project: “Sheba”Hope Reef
Henrique Campanha, Baptiste Roy, Luca Veronese, Timothee Maron

Outstanding Virtual Cinematography for a CG Project “Encanto”: “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”
Nathan Detroit Warner, Dorian Bustamante, Tyler Kupferer, Michael Woodside

An Outstanding Model in a Photoreal or Animated Project “Dune”Royal Ornithopter
Marc Austin, Anna Yamazoe, Michael Chang, Rachael Dunk

Amazing Effects Simulations in a Photoreal Video: “Dune”: The Dunes at Arrakis
Gero Grimm, Ivan Larinin, Hideki Okano, Zuny An

Outstanding Effects Simulation in an Animated Feature “Raya and the Last Dragon”
Le Joyce Tong, Henrik Fält, Rattanin Sirinaruemarn, Jacob Rice

Amazing Effects Simulations in an Episode or Commercial Project “Foundation”: Collapse and Reorganization of the Galactic Empire
Giovanni Casadei, Mikel Zuloaga, Steven Moor, Louis Manjarres

Outstanding Lighting and Compositing in a Feature “Dune”: Attack on Arrakeen
Gregory Haas, Francesco Dell’Anna, Abhishek Chaturvedi, Cleve Zhu

Outstanding Lighting and Compositing in an episode: “Loki”: Lamentis; Shuroo City Destruction
Paul Chapman, Tom Truscott, Biagio Figliuzzi, Attila Szalma

Outstanding Lighting and Compositing in a Commercial Verizon; The Reset
David Piombino Rajesh Kaushik Manideep Santietty, Tim Crean

Amazing Special Effects (Practical) in a Photoreal Project “Jungle Cruise”
JD Schwalm, Nick Rand, Robert Spurlock, Nick Byrd

Amazing Visual Effects in a Student project “Green”
Camille Poiriez, Arielle Cohen, Eloise Thibaut, Louis Florean

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