The Truth About What’s Really In Sugar-Free Foods

The Truth About What's Really In Sugar-Free Foods

Foods that rely on added sugar for flavor, like candy and baked goods, need something for sweetness in place of real sugar if they’re going to be labeled sugar-free. Artificial sweeteners can be used to add sweetness and calories. Artificial sweeteners are controversial. According to Harvard Health Publishing, both the American Heart Association (AHA) and American Diabetes Association (ADA) have warned against consuming too many artificial sweeteners.

Five artificial sweeteners have been approved by the FDA (saccharin acesulfame aspartame neotame and sucralose). However, they can lead to unhealthy dietary habits elsewhere. A person who eats a lot sugar-free baked goods may believe they can eat more calories because they aren’t getting them from sugar. Overeating can cause you to eat more sugar-free foods than necessary.

Experts agree that regular food is better than sugar-free unless you have diabetes.

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