The Truth About Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans’ Many Arrests

The Truth About Teen Mom Star Jenelle Evans' Many Arrests

Jenelle Evans has been arrested 15 times, starting in 2010 with an arrest for breaking and entering coupled with possession of drug paraphernalia, as reported by E! News. Although she was lucky to have some charges dismissed during her first arrest, she still ended up on one-year probation. However, this would only be the beginning of the “Teen Mom” star’s run-ins with the law. 

After getting into a fight, she was again arrested for assault and attempted affray in 2011. The consequences of this arrest were more severe, and Jenelle ended up with a “30 day suspended jail sentence and a year of probation after being convicted of affray,” per the outlet. Drug use a few months later landed her in handcuffs for a third time, while a fourth arrest in 2012 came after she was accused of making “harassing phone calls” to her former roommate.

The arrests continued, most often following incidents of harassment, drug possession or use, violating her probation terms, and/or fighting. Jenelle often denied the charges made against her, writing them off as false or someone else’s fault, according to E! News. E! interviewed her when she was detained for harassing Hannah Inman (her former roommate). News, “I think they are trying to charge me with things out of spite.” Despite more than a dozen arrests under her belt, it seems Jenelle may be turning a corner, as she has stayed away from jail as of late.

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