The Truth About Rachael Ray Losing Another Home

The Truth About Rachael Ray Losing Another Home

They say lightning doesn’t strike twice — unless, it seems, Rachael Ray’s real estate is involved. The 53-year-old revealed in September that the seemingly impossible had happened to her again, per the New York Post. Her Manhattan apartment was inundated by Hurricane Ida this time. She again spoke to People and shared that the storm had devastated the apartment after she and her husband had just renovated it. “We had finally just finished the work on making the [NYC] apartment over. And then, Ida took it out. And I mean, out. Down hard,” She agreed.

Evidently Hurricane Ida meant business. She revealed, “Like, literally every speaker in the ceiling, the fireplace, every seam in the wall… It was like the apartment just literally melted, like in ‘Wicked’ or something.” And just because it’s Rachael, things got progressively worse when the remediation team arrived a week later. “They put up their fans and their humidifiers. And then, they make a hole in the wall and break the main water pipe and flood the entire building down to the first floor, from our apartment on the sixth floor,” she divulged. Instead of being a contained disaster there were six floors that had to deal with a much larger problem. As Rachael said, “The people that we were waiting for, the cavalry, burst this pipe and made everything worse.”

However, it has not only been doom and gloom for Rachael and her husband. Here’s how.

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