The Truth About Jerry Hall’s and Rupert Murdoch’s Marriage

The Truth About Jerry Hall's and Rupert Murdoch’s Marriage

Jerry Hall, a young and famous model, dated many men including Mick Jagger. British singer Bryan FerryShe was not shy about expressing her preference to older people. “I have gone out with younger men and they’re great fun, they’ve got enthusiasm. Stamina!”She admitted that she did The Washington Post. “But I think older men are much better lovers.”Hall may have made the comment in response to cynics, who raised concerns about Hall’s 25-year-old age gap with Rupert Murdoch. Worth an estimated $22 Billion. (At the time the couple got engaged. GawkerThe headline read: “Jerry Hall to Wed a Toad,”And the New York Daily NewsA source referred to the pair in this quote “Beauty and the Beast.”)

There were critics who thought that Hall might have married Murdoch for his money, despite their obvious age differences. However, Hall — who reportedly Jagger paid $40 million to settle a divorce settlement — doesn’t exactly seem to be strapped for cash. “I don’t want to be bossed around because I’ve got my own money, you know,”In 2005, she spoke to The Washington Post. “So it’s got to be the right person. But I do quite like the idea of having a companion.”

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