The Truth About Gold Rush’s Tony Beets

The Truth About Gold Rush's Tony Beets

Before owning a multi-million-dollar gold mining business, Tony Beets had humble beginnings. His childhood was spent in Holland, where he worked as a milkman on cows. According to Discovery, Tony moved to Canada’s Dawson City in 1984, where he got his start in gold mining by working as a machine operator.

Entrepreneur reported that when Tony first moved to Canada, he lived in Alberta and British Columbia. After realizing that he could make more in the Yukon, he moved there. “They said ‘you can make a thousand bucks a week,’ so I thought: ‘If they get that, I’ll get a little more.’ And that’s what happened,” He laughed. “I guess I really like the lifestyle; that attracted me to it most. You do whatever you want, yell at people whenever you feel like it. And then there’s the hunt, the treasure. I like it.”

Tony’s intuitions were right. He now makes millions each year from mining. But he doesn’t always play by the rules.

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