The Truth about Andy Cohen and John Mayer’s Friendship

The Truth about Andy Cohen and John Mayer's Friendship

There’s nothing that bonds people like live music — and Andy Cohen and John Mayer couldn’t agree more. Cohen captured their experiences when they went together to see The Grateful Dead for the entire world to enjoy. Entertainment Weekly. They shared some interesting tidbits as they made their way to the show to highlight a key deciding factor in their love affair.

The “WHHL”The host acknowledged that the pair had an affair. “unlikely friendship,”But that didn’t stop them forming a group for a roadtrip. “bro it up.”This is what the pop culture enthusiast shared with Radio AndyThe couple was reunited on May 19, 2019, after their trip. “even closer,”The band performing live. “sealed”They made the deal to be their kin.

As their quick-witted banter attracted many, the fascination with their friendship grew tremendously. Bravolebrity called it the entire experience “epic”And “unforgettable.”We can only imagine! You can compare their friendship to Gayle King’s and Oprah Winfrey’s. PeriscopeIt was evident that the couple has a strong bond in June 2015.

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