The Tragic Death Of Rapper Lil Keed

The Tragic Death Of Rapper Lil Keed

Tributes to Lil Keed from fans, friends, and family are pouring in on social media. According to Variety, the rapper is survived by his girlfriend Quana Bandz and their three-year-old Naychur. Bandz shared her grief in a long post on social media that indicated she was pregnant. Bandz shared a heart-wrenching video of the couple on Instagram, captioning: “I can’t breathe right sleep right nothing I don’t even wanna talk to nobody Keed I can’t take this why you leave US bru. What am I supposed to tell Naychur? What am I gone tell our new baby ?” She also somberly recalled telling Keed “the other day if you left me with these two kids I was gone [lose] my mind.”

DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia was shocked to learn of Keed’s death, tweeting: “Me & lil bro just recorded!! We did one for his new album but before he left the studio he dropped a quick verse and said ‘Thats for u Paul’ … Then walked out.” Our Generation Music tweeted: “We just spoke with him last year. One of the most inspiring individuals we’ve had on. Long live Keed.” But one tweet seemed to sum up the grief for the rapper: “Rest in Peace to #LilKeed … So sad to see a young man lose his life before getting to fully live it.” Our thoughts are with Keed’s family and friends after this tragic loss.

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