The teacher humiliates the whole class for months until a student secretly records her.

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  • She pretended to be friendliness to her pupils before she revealed her real self. She embarrassed the children over little things.
  • A student was allowed to secretly tape her by the principal so he can see how nasty she is.
  • Soon, the student shared his recording with the Principal.

The man who goes by the name “acruzm96”, shared a story from his middle school days when he had a new Spanish instructor. Redditor “acruzm96” shared his experience in middle school when he got a new Spanish teacher.

The man, before recalling the incident, revealed that the teacher, who was originally from Colombia, had hid her true character while acting happy in the early days of the school year. Children only discovered her true face several months after the incident.

A woman standing in front of a classroom | Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels| Source: Pexels

Redditor Described He described her as “a nightmare,” saying that his students hated her for how she treated them when her “happy face” faded. He showed an example from her classroom.

The Redditor said, “When she asked us what meaning we could find in books we read and tried to understand the words behind the book. She would then ask for our interpretation.” RecalledThe teacher insulted those who did not respond as she wished.

No child liked the woman because she humiliated her students by using Spanish. She had no idea one of her students was recording the words she used and would report it to her principal.

A teacher scolding a girl | Source: Shutterstock

A girl is scolded by a teacher | Source: Shutterstock

Redditor’s classmates and he were sitting in class one day when their Spanish teacher came into the room and told them they had to read a few chapters of their book and then write an essay about them. The Redditor, like many other children, began to write, not realizing that the story would take a surprising turn.

He showed his completed essay to the teacher in hopes that she’d like it. Instead, he received a surprising response. He was humiliated in public by the teacher, who instead of complimenting him or correcting any mistakes calmly corrected him. He Recalled:

The woman told me that I was a scumbag and should be ashamed.

A teacher scolding a boy in front of the class | Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock| Source: Shutterstock

He felt angry with his teacher and was resentful, but did not do anything until students had to complete teacher evaluation forms. Redditor scores her worst in every category after reporting her unkind behavior.

The principal read the Redditor’s evaluation and then called him into his office. He was curious as to why the Redditor gave the Spanish teacher such a poor rating.

What did the student tell the principal?

After going into the principal’s room, the student explained how her Spanish teacher insulted, cursed, and called everyone names. The principal, after learning of the abuse in the class room, allowed the student use a recording device during the lesson.

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Source: Pexels| Source: Pexels

The principal warned that the teacher could be dismissed if they humiliated their students in class. The student, feeling hopeful and hid the tape recorder inside his bag. He began recording Spanish classes.

Redditor: “She was right, and a couple of weeks later she took out her frustration on a fellow student who forgot his homework.” RecalledWhen the recording was switched on, the teacher would have told the student that he is “no good for anything”.

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Shutterstock. A class full of students| Source: Shutterstock

After class, the Redditor was happy to have finally captured something of value. He went straight to his principal’s office and listened in the office. It was time for him to bid his Spanish teacher farewell.

After the principal heard the recording, what happened?

The principal gave the Redditor a cookie and invited him to listen to the recording with her. After that, the principal then asked the students how they would feel if an entirely new Spanish teacher was appointed in the middle of the term.

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Students in the classroom. Source: Pexels| Source: Pexels

Redditor immediately You can tell them by clicking on the link The principal assured the student that they would “nolonger feel stressed.” The principal then picked up his phone to speak with a few other people, before the Redditor walked out of the room.

The Redditor said: “I assume they had a press conference afterward.” You can also read about the importance of this in our article. He said they hired a Spanish sub-teacher before hiring a permanent Spanish teacher. He told me the new Spanish teacher was fantastic and nothing like his old one.

A teacher in a classroom | Source: Pexels

Source: Pexels| Source: Pexels

Redditor told parents only after the teacher had been fired. Although they were happy that the principal allowed their child to take notes, the parents felt it was wrong for the student not to file a formal complaint.

Another story is about a teacher mocking a girl who was quiet day after day. She did not know that one of her classmates would secretly record each insult.

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