The Story Behind Princess Diana’s Iconic LBD Was Much More Than ‘Getting Revenge.

The people’s princess, Princess DianaHer humanitarian work will be forever remembered. She was also considered a fashion icon, who was undoubtedly ahead of her time. Among Diana’s most show-stopping fashion moments was the iconic off-shoulder little black dress (LBD). 

On June 29, 1994, Princess Diana made her way to London’s Hyde Park to take part in Vanity Fair’s annual fundraising event for the Serpentine Gallery. As a defiant act against the royal dress code, Diana appeared in a striking off-the-shoulder, form-fitting black chiffon dress. 

Prince Charles, her estranged spouse, was scheduled to appear on TV in a much-anticipated interview. Instead of cancelling her engagements, Princess Diana walked confidently in the Christina Stambolian gown to the gala. 

Prince Charles, who was adamant about their marriage, poured the tea and confessed to his infidelity during the interview. Yet Princess Diana’s sexy LBD garnered more media attention, dethroning Prince Charles’ confession. In the end, the little-black dress was called the “revenge dress.”The next day, Central RecorderFamously, “The Thrilla He Left To Woo Camilla.”

While the dress Princess Diana wore that evening made quite a statement, it wasn’t only “revenge”She had many things in her head when she chose it. 

Princess Diana’s Last Minute Change

The dress was purchased by Princess Diana in 1991 Take it off the rackIt was, however, later deemed too risky for royal protocol. So, she kept the sexy number in her closet. 

Princess Diana had planned to wear Valentino on the gala night. She felt disillusioned when she found out that Valentino had issued a press release that was too early to announce that she would be wearing one of their designs. At the last minute, she chose the Stambolian dress that she had cherished for three years. She wore the gown with a pearl choker necklace and a diamond brooch made of sapphires and diamonds, which was a wedding gift from Queen Elizabeth.

“She wanted to look like a million dollars,” her former stylist Anna Harvey explained. “And she did.”

Diana’s iconic fashion moment was more than just revenge. It was a statement about how she was breaking from the shy, princess-like appearance that she once had. She never looked back after a night out in her LBD. 

‘The Crown’ Recreates Princess Diana’s Head-Turning LBD

Despite the fact that the original LBD was sold at auction in June 1997 for $65,000 the iconic gown has been making headlines again. For the hit series, a replica of the revenge gown worn by Princess Diana was created. The Crown

Elizabeth Debicki will portray Princess Diana in season five The Crown. Debicki was seen recently filming the iconic scene that shows Diana arriving at the gala in the statement dress. The set photos and the original show a striking resemblance. The new season of The CrownIt will premiere in November 2022.

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