The ‘Silos Baking Competition’ Judges — Meet the Stars

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Who are judges for the Silos Baking Competition? What do we know about Season 1’s main host, guest judges and other cast members?

First season of Silos Baking Competition Magnolia Network begins broadcasting May 28, 2023. The show features 25 chefs who are home cooks, and there is a cash award.

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The competition is not only filled with talented contestants, but also a number of incredible judges that have to make tough decisions. Discover the judges’ backgrounds and how we might recognize them.

Joanna Gaines — Lead Host

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Joanna Gaines became famous on Fixer UpperIt was on a TV series in which she and Chip Gaines renovated homes together. It was a very successful show that lasted for five years.

Joanna is stepping back from renovating and moving into the field of culinary. Joanna has her own show called “Home Made by Joanna” on Food Network. The Kitchen With Joanna Gaines. She also founded the Magnolia Network. Silos Baking Competition.

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Andrew Zimmern — Guest Judge

Andrew Zimmern was a judge in a cooking series. Most people know him for his role in Andrew Zimmern: Bizarre Foods. He was the perfect choice for this contest, as he has been involved in food shows for almost six years.

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Zoë François — Guest Judge

This isn’t the first Magnolia Network show that Zoë has been a part of. The channel also has her own show, “Baking with Zoe”.
Zoë Bakes. It was released in November of 2022. With a background in sweets and deserts, Zoë adds a great perspective to the judges panel.

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As per This website is a good example of a web page.She has an actual connection to Andrew. “I’ve been teaching ever since I was in the kitchen working with Andrew Zimmern. She shares that “He recognized my ability in explaining complex concepts to people who had very little experience.”

Casey Corn — Guest Judge

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Guest Judgement on Three episodes Casey Corn, the chef of this year’s season. Like Zoë, she stars in a Magnolia Network series. She stars in a series called Find Recipes Lost or Found.

Casey’s has a great selection of photos that showcase delicious food. Instagram It’s a good place to start. She constantly posts photos on her social media pages of the food she has created.

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Abner Ramirez — Guest Judge

Abner Ramirez is currently a co-host Abner, Amanda and In The KitchenThe cooking series features his wife Amanda Ramirez. In the cooking series, both Ramirez and his wife Amanda demonstrate their culinary skills as they make meals for themselves as well as with their young children.

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Abner and his wife Johnnyswim perform music together when they’re not in the kitchen. The duo released four albums by May 2023.

Chip Gaines — Appearances

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Chip, Joanna’s spouse, comes last, but he is certainly not the least. Although he’s not an official Judge for the current season, Chip will still be appearing on the show. He also co-founded Magnolia.

There has been no announcement as to whether the upcoming election will be held. Silos Baking Championship The show has been extended for Season 2. Magnolia Network, Discovery+ and other channels offer the premiere season.

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