The Shady Side Chris Rock

The Shady Side Chris Rock

Comedy is a world full of controversial comedians. Although stars often push boundaries, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are not allowed to be controversial. An old clip from a 2011 HBO special was rediscovered in 2018. “Talking Funny,”Featuring Louis C.K. and Jerry Seinfeld as well as Chris Rock and Rickey Garvais. 

The viral videoLouis C.K. Multiple times, the N-word is used. The comedians have a good time laughing before Seinfeld intervenes and says awkward things. “I don’t think he can do that.”The conversation moves to comedians who use N-words on stage, like Louis C.K. It is used in both his comedy and personal lives. Rock laughs it off, while Seinfeld insists that he does not use the word. “You found the humor of it,”He tells C.K. “I haven’t found it, nor do I seek it.” 

The clip was so viral that people were amazed to see Rock laughing at Louis C.K. He used the N word multiple times before him and didn’t push back against white comedians who use it. Some thought this was an insult. Missed opportunityRock, to teach others about the use of the word. Wayne Brady, comedian, expressed his opinions to TMZ, saying, “Louis C.K. shouldn’t have been saying it, Chris Rock shouldn’t have signed off on it.”Rock never responded publicly to the backlash.

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